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Bonjour. I'm Lillian--the author of 'Parisian To Be.' I currently reside in the United States, yet, by the likes of the title, I'm sure you're able to assume where my dreams transpire.

If you're looking for a blog that will dish out the run-down swatches of the one hundred twenty two eyeshadows that line MAC counters, this isn't the place. Instead, you're reading the chronicles of a fille with a penchant for all-things beauty, penning the likes of her current beauty stash, her apprehensions of buying a coveted potion, and insinuating her opinions of her current loves (most likely those imported from somewhere European--because that's where everything is more chic) and noting some of her non-beauty affections along the way. I have current aspirations of mending my natural inclinations for ballet with beauty journalism.

Enjoy as you delve into this beauty diary I call my blog with posts arriving every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

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