Monday, August 25, 2014


Judging from my Bloglovin' feed and my sometimes incompetent memory, it seems as though I'm not the only one among my peer group of bloggers who are experiencing what I'll assign as "the slump." What is this slump, you may ask? Well, I experienced said happening a few weeks back when I said I'd "be right back," and took a break from Parisian To Be. Among the bulk of the reasons why I felt uninspired about blogging was burnout. Before I whisked away to my ballet program, I was a blog-writing machine and planned a plenty of posts for your eyes to see while I was away. And, when the scheduled posts had run out, I felt completely uninspired to write new ones. I was nervous about taking a break. I value my readers so much, I always feel like I owe it to you to provide entertainment. But, then, it got me thinking about a revised philosophy concerning this blog. 

Somewhere over the past couple of years running PTB, I got caught in a dangerous cycle: preferring quantity to quality and getting wrapped up in the numbers. Addressing the former, I insisted on solidifying a blogging schedule (posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday), even if it meant that some of those posts were lacking in quality. I think I realized this whilst I was working in the moment, but (moving onto the latter), I read everywhere that the key to blog growth is to keep a solid blogging schedule. Then, the disconnect came; I was following this procedure, but not seeing as much growth as I anticipated considering the amount of time I was working. I've felt discouraged and have felt as though I need to prove something to my readers for the past year, and, while I want to churn out my best work, in retrospect, the views and general concrete statistics don't matter. 

Trust me when I say this isn't an epiphany that happened overnight, but while I was on said "break," it really hit me. That being said, I'm looking to change things up on here. (If you didn't read the preceding ramble to this point--I don't blame you--start paying attention now. This is the juicy stuff.) Parisian To Be will no longer be posting on a schedule. As much as it pains me to think that I'm letting you all down in some way, I need to remember that I blog not just to see my follower count rise or my analytics inflate, but because I blog for me. It sounds rather selfish, but I really think that blogging when suitable instead of when demanded will produce better content. And, last, I'm going to incorporate less beauty posts and more...other ramblings. While I still love beauty and everything about creams, pigments, and bristles, I feel like beauty blogging can be fake. Some people do it effortlessly, and their lead is why I was lured in the first place into the realm. But I recently realized that it's hard to blog about beauty and not sound vain, materialistic, and sometimes even ditzy. There's more to life than products and your countenance's aesthetic, and I want to share that front. Another thing about beauty blogging is that it seems like it's all about products. Again, some bloggers's philosophies are have mastered this demand and have created a niche on account. But it seems like an essential part to the beauty blogging game is keeping up with new releases. I don't have the funds to do that, nor do I want to, because, as Jen most recently pointed out, living life with excess is stressful (even if this excess includes stunning foundations). 

So I apologize for this rambley post, but I needed to have a small (okay...large) vent. I hope these words don't come back to haunt me or cause me to lose you. But I'm also looking forward excitedly to the future of Parisian To Be. Although I may not still be becoming Parisian,  I still always get a flutter when I walk into Sephora. I don't think that will ever change.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Be Right Back

Dear reader,

I hope you're well. Because I'm not. Ok, ok, actually I'm fine, but just a little exhausted from that ballet program I spoke about a few days ago. But enough with the modesty; I said I'm "a little exhausted," but, in reality, it's more wiped (no energy left, and my body's falling apart, too).

I'll stop complaining and cut to the chase. While I recover from the wreckage, I will be taking a small break from Parisian To Be. It won't be too long, and you can still catch up with me on Twitter, but I need some time to reassert my focus back on blogging, again, since it has drifted completely to sustaining normal human movement these past five weeks. 

With that being said, I'll talk to you soon.


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