Monday, July 21, 2014

Where To Start with Makeup

I look back at old pictures of myself and think, "Wow." And that's not a good reaction. In fact, that response holds a lot of sarcasm. I think the same thing when I look at my beauty stash. Okay, just as I look at some of the horrendous things in uncoordinated shades and textures and wish that they weren't there, mostly because I feel guilty now. I'm still getting to grips with what really suits me when it comes to makeup; I now know that eyeshadow isn't one of them. Nevertheless, I have some two cents to add in when it comes to starting with makeup. I did a post similar to this one last year, but I have some new advice and I look at the  previous lot and think it's a little novice. Here are some guidelines, and if you're looking for product recommendations to fit the match, I've linked those under their respective titles below; it's like an advent calendar.

Right now, I'm only talking about the necessities. You'll be able to tell from my own makeup preferences that I think base is the most important. When it comes to general coverage, I suggest starting off with a BB or CC cream. Yes, they may not be quite worth the craze they receive, but I'd say they're a good starting point for a few reasons. First, even though it may be a marketing hoax, they tend to be good all-rounders, supplying sufficient coverage that won't overload your complexion--even if you think you need it. Second on the pro-alphabet creams list is the fact that it's ├╝ber simple to find a color match. I understand that girls with pasty complexions (i.e. me) and darker skinned babes may have difficulty, but, like I said, even I have had success, and it's a lot easier to match than foundation. Next on the base list is concealer. If you're a skincare junkie, or even just someone who has really good pH balances, you probably won't need this, but the normal lot of use require some extra coverage. In addition to the necessary two is a third: powder. I know that the step seems extraneous and, trust me, I was scared of the stereotypical powder, too. Nevertheless, I've come to realize that there's more to the finely milled formula than just oil control. I've found formulas that smooth over skin, others that add radiance, and some that do indeed mattify the skin. After the base comes only a few other constituents to the pack. Blush is another staple, and not just because I'm partial to its goodness; I know from my YouTube watching expertise that everyone looks better with a bit of color on their cheeks. When it comes to choosing one, try it on and if anything at all looks "strange," move onto another. The key with blush is to blend it well, so use a fluffy brush to apply a sheer layer in a centralized location, receding outwards. I think Queen Lisa Eldridge could help you with that one. Then, choose a mascara. I always think that lengthening formulas are the best place to start because they tend to fit in the clump-free zone and look the most natural. Lip balms are the place where you can have fun. They're low maintenance and gives the lip a healthy sheen unlike some of their relatives--the lipstick and the lipgloss.

I have to admit that most people look fantastic with as little makeup on as possible. But if you're just itching for some spruce, here's your guide--except I can hope it will only suffice.


  1. Love this post, and I agree that most people look their best wearing only the basics! x

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  2. great post. I agree with all of your staples, and I recently discovered the benefits of powder. i found it great to use when you're in a mood of "just my face and SPF". The powder takes out the excess of shine, and even out the skin. oh and the mascaras for lenght are really the best ones for a natural look.

  3. I love this post so much, as someone who completely agrees with & suits the simple aesthetic. Lovely content as always!

    Sofia | palelily.blogspot.com

  4. What brand are those glasses? xx

  5. Go as minimal as possible is the best; I want to see what someone actually looks like, not a presentation. x


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