Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Favorite YouTube Channels

YouTube has a deep tie into my love for beauty. As a blogger, looking to cinematography is really inspirational and cues a lot of thoughts that then translate to my verbal niche. Nevertheless, this source of inspiration has become quite the obsession. I rarely turn on the TV (What's Mad Men?), and I can't tell you how many times I've sorted through the Vivianna Does Makeup and Essiebutton archives. Well, I just spoiled two of my favorites.

booksandquills: Sanne's channel is a recent discovery of mine, but her ability to get me excited about reading is truly magical. I guess I'm lucky that it's summer and I actually have time on my hands for somewhat pleasureful reading. (No, I don't consider reading with a highlighter in hand "pleasurable.")

clothesencounters: I mentioned cinematography above and Jen, hands down, has the best. Of course, her stellar style consisting of pieces I can only dream of pulling off are also a plus, but I'm the biggest fan of her vlogs and travel reels.

CloudyApples: Kassie does it all. Her recipes are amazing, her beauty tips dreamy, but I'm most drawn to her contagiously happy personality and her sound and ridiculously crave-able outlook on life.

essiebutton: The lovely Estée needs no introduction as one of my longest lasting channel loves.

essiebuttonvlogs: I'd go as far to say that this is by far the best vlog channel ever. Unfortunately, I may even have a small crush on Aslan, but it's nothing compared to that on Reggie. I wish I could move in with that family.

HelloOctoberxo: I found out earlier this year that Suzie reads this blog, which I'm still a little starstruck about. All I can say is that her channel is indescribably lovable and she'll have you wishing you could wear winged liner as well as she can anyday

Into The Gloss: Can this team do any wrong? Interviews, tutorials, and everything a beauty lover dreams of is right here.

lipstickandsunshine: If you couldn't tell, I have a thing for British YouTubers. Well, Tamira combines everything I love about those across the pond with the bond of living in the U.S. She's stunningly chic and I still can't believe she's so hot, she's a mom.

Lisa Eldridge: Okay, the name says more than I can describe. The queen.

missglamourazzi: I'm pretty sure that Ingrid is a favorite of everyone. Among all the remarkable things she has going for her, perhaps the most amazing is her perfect mix of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle that should appear in textbooks--or the YouTube handbook. Wait, does it not?

ViviannaDoesMakeup: I loved Vivianna three years ago, and I still love her to this day. Her taste is impeccable and she has the ability to make everything look chic.

vlogbrothers: This one is a little out of the mix, but vlogbrothers is the brain child of writer John Green (yes, that John Green, as in the TFIOS John Green) and his brother Hank Green. Their streams always add a laugh--or a dozen--to my day,

Now you know why there is an extreme lack of pop culture mentions on Parisian To Be. If you still don't understand how all of this takes up all my time, I forgot to mention that I spend five-eights of designated YouTube time to watching ballet videos, which I spared you the rave from. Ok, Marianela Nuñez is stunning; I just had to throw that out there.


  1. Yessssss. YouTube is an addiction! I'll be checking out all the ones I don't know here, so this blog post will lead to me having a huge YT binge in all likelihood. I love it. Essie Button is so perfect. I do a little vlogging too, it's good fun. :-)

  2. I absolutely love Sanne, Essiebutton and the Vlogbrothers! I never used to understand how people spent hours on youtube, but since finding out about their channels, I'm definitely on the YT bandwagon :)

  3. I really love this blog post. We actually have quite the same tastes when it touch about youtubers. I'm addicted to Youtubers.


  4. You made a small mistake on Tamira's channel's name. It's lipstickandsomesunshine ;)

  5. Estee is the best! My favourite YouTuber is BeautyCrush<3 ! x

    BerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

  6. The vlogbrothers got me into YouTube over four years ago, so I blame them for my obsession! ;) Anna and Estée are also two of my favorites; Lisa Eldridge is the Beyoncé of makeup; and Tamira is awesome.

  7. You've named most of my favorites here! I particularly love Sanne, Estee and Vivianna- I watch every single one of their videos!

  8. I wish I could rack up enough confidence to vlog; they're such a treat to watch. x

  9. I don't think the obsession is understandable until you catch the bug. Here's to common hours of nothing but YouTube binges! x

  10. You should have just written this post for me; you are spot on! x

  11. Did I mention you have amazing taste *wink*? (: x


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