Friday, July 25, 2014

Changing Limp Locks

When people say they're locks are limp, I glare at them, then tell them that I'd be happy to trade them mine. Then they figure out that mine have less grip than theirs...and they trade back. Nevertheless, changing my hair from drab to fab is slightly difficult, especially since my aspirations for a natural aesthetic doesn't mean I can just tease my hair into a rats nest--although, that would certainly do the trick. Although, despite my hair pain in the bum, I've found a routine that makes my hair slightly voluminous, manageable, and texturized; I've changed my limp locks.

Every haircare routine starts with shampoo. Perhaps my biggest epiphany when it comes to changing my hair is reducing dependence on sulfate-ridden shampoos. The John Master's Organics Bare Shampoo is certainly a favorite. It's sulfate-free, as well as unscented, so it's kind to your scalp. But beyond the sensitive awareness, it has also reduced the oil-levels on my scalp, has made my hair softer, has made my hair shinier, and has made it far more manageable than other 'poos I've tried in the past. Because I shampoo my hair everyday--when you load it with that much hairspray, as well as hair nets and bobby pins, you have to not look like bridezilla--a formula as gentle as this has certainly helped my bad habit. Nevertheless, I only wash the scalp of my hair everyday, and wash the ends twice a week. Another shampoo option that I've had success with is the LUSH Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar. It does contain sulfates, but I think it's the bar form that makes it so I don't use as much shampoo; in other words, it just doesn't make my hair as clean, equaling a more ideal hair state. On those two days that I do wash my hair all the way through the lengths, I follow up with the Bumble and bumble Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner. Above and beyond the smell of holidays, it adds weightless shine and nourishment, and always makes my hair look healthier.

Once I'm finished with the washing (if only laundry was this quick), I follow a few guidelines for the styling section. First, I don't blow dry my hair, mostly because I choose to enhance my hair's natural texture, which is always more defined when its air dried, but also because I simply prefer the way my hair looks sans heat. The one other styling trick that I have is the Sachajuan Volume Powder. Although this works more so like a dry shampoo (which I don't need thanks to the John Master's Shampoo, even if I do go a day without washing) it also adds weightless texture and volume without any grit or over-the-top appeal.

Whether this is old news or les nouvelles to you, all I can say is that my baby locks are disappearing...the texture, that is; I think I still have some baby hair.


  1. I'm desperate to try out b&b's surf range. my hair is awfully limp x

    Lizzie's Corner

  2. Thanks for the post! These were my exact thoughts when I looked at my hair this morning!

  3. If your hair feels heavy after its washed, its got a product like a plastic coating in it and you hair gets greasy quick. A hairdresser told me and there's a well known shampoo that's got it in that's banned in some countries.
    I go for the middle range of shampoo as most designer shampoo's are full of rubbish. One thing that helps me is hair mouse. I don't blow dry just put mouse in and air dry it

  4. Haven't yet tried anything that reads B&B and im not sure thats changing anytime soon.. But.. John Masters is firmly placed in the favorites aisle for a long time to come! I also like the Seanik bar shampoo from Lush.. its better than their BIG for volume and deep cleanse without drying my hair as BIG does!


  5. It's a great range, especially for fixing limp locks. x

  6. I have a sample of Big and I need to try it out; but, yes, Seanik is awesome. x

  7. Aww I would so be up for a hair swap, my hair does nothing but rebellious volume all day err day and I have long been curious about locks at the other end of the spectrum! I hope it is comforting to know that it's not always JLo levels of loveliness have hair that is unable to lie flat - for me it involves a lifetime of bobby bins and trying every smoothing product under the sun...
    But the grass is always greener, hey?

  8. I know exactly what you mean. Some of my friends seriously covet my hair, "So smooth...so soft...so perfect," they'll say, but it's really limp and boring. I guess we just have to work with what we have though *wink*. x

  9. Hi! I'mnew to your blog but I gotta say it's very nice, I believe I'm gonna be a regular :) That being said, I am dying to know that how can you wash your scalp "only"??? Is there a trick? Because that would be really helpful for me, my locks usually doesn't need to get washed but my scalp is oily so I have to wash the whole thing everyday!


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