Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Summer Playlist

Summer. Books, reminiscence, stereotypes, and even Kinfolk Magazine (i.e. my Holy Grail) depicts it as a hypnose. Bodies caked in sea salt. Sandy sandwiches. Humid, lazy Sundays. Ice cream on the boardwalk. Sea gulls pecking at your towel. Unfortunately, mine isn't this picturesque. And, in the same bubble as that theme, this playlist isn't exactly what I wanted it to be. Other summer playlists to which I've listened embody exactly what I've mentioned above and sound as hypnotic as the accompanying sweltering daze. Well, this playlist isn't. It's not mellow, cool, or anything of the likes. 

I always say that I like all types of music, and that's true, but this playlist is overzealous with electronic dance music--it's a rather strange love considering its rave-y beat and my not-so-party-ish persona. Nevertheless, my summer is realistic. I haven't done any of the things mentioned above. In fact, this is simply the playlist I listen to when I'm working out; that's the dancer life for you. So, voil√†, here is another summer playlist: Lillian style. 


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