Sunday, June 8, 2014

Your Questions Answered | Q&A

Reading through comments at the end of the day is one of my most anticipated tasks. But then, I sit back down at my computer, stare at that eyeball burning screen, and type away, mocking myself, and forcing myself to remember that you don't know who I am; in other words, blogging can be really dimensional. I decided to open the tabs to you to ask me some of your burning questions, so that you can get to know a little bit more about me--in lengthy document form.

♥ By Babette (@beautures): What do you think your future holds for you?

Dear Babette: Risking not sounding as eloquent as I wish, I have no idea. I have aspirations, hopes, dreams, and goals, but anticipating them only sets me up for disappointment, even if I achieve them.

♥ By WengYee (@wy_hu) from 9 Out of TenWhat's your current/most recent dream (to accomplish) and why?

Dear Weng: My current dream, and it has been for a while, is to become a professional ballet dancer. I've known that I want the career ever since I was ten years old, but, in the past four years, I've realized how difficult it really is both to attain such a status and how difficult it is both physically and psychologically. But, I want it more than anything. 

♥ By Divya Gautam (@ConscienceFund) from The Conscience FundHow do you multitask like a superwoman?!? With school, ballet, blog, and so much more?

Dear Divya: First, thank you, Divya, for such a sweet comment; you made me laugh--as always. I want to say that I don't have all aspects of my life mastered, even though I wish I did. Dividing my time to be successful at certain aspects of my life comes from prioritizing. School, ballet, and my blog are all priorities of mine, therefore, I'm not afraid to admit that I do lack in other aspects. For instance, I don't have a lot of time to hang out with my friends, nor am I able to go to parties, get sucked into pop culture or just relax (I'm lucky that blogging is something that I really enjoy doing, so it serves as my cool down time).

♥ By Zazie Bibi from A Little TreatI'd love to know the first blog you've ever read, and loved.

Dear Zazie: My friend Elizabeth was the first one who exposed me to blogs, and the first one she showed me was Cupcakes and Cashmere. I fell in love, and the first thing i did every morning was check for a new post.

♥ By Aerin from BerrieBlogsDo you compare yourself to other bloggers? I tend to do this a lot and it really puts me down about my blog. How can I stop?

Dear Aerin: I know how you're feeling; I struggled with the exact same thing. What really helped me was realizing that other blogs are inspiration. This makes no room for comparison, and, really, it's neither fair nor productive to compare yourself to other blogs, bloggers, or people in general. People want to read your blog because of you, not just because it looks like someone else's. In fact, what makes a blog really outstanding is when it differentiates itself from the pack. I, for example, used to really struggle with photography and would get so frustrated that mine didn't look like someone else's. In an effort to mend my growing frustration, I created a pin board on Pinterest titled "Photography Inspiration." Whenever I like another blogger's photo, I "pin" it to said board. Then, I look at all the photos before I take my own, but exit out of it so I can't refer to it while I'm snapping away. In retrospect, here's my biggest advice: find your own niche, voice, style, and aesthetic and go with it. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing.

♥ By Sophia (@sophiatommo29): What inspired you to start blogging? Love reading your blog, it's definitely one of my favorites.

Dear Sophia: Sophie, I'm truly flattered; in fact, I'm blushing. I was reading a lot of other blogs at the time and decided to try it myself. I was also given the push by my pshycologist while I was recovering from an eating disorder to start a blog as another creative outlet outside of ballet--which, at the time, was driving me insane. I hate to mention my ED a lot, but it's such a large part of me, it's kind of hard not to. Somewhere along the way of Parisian To Be, specifically (this is, technically, my fifth blog; I've deleted all the other haunts), I developed a passion for writing, and the creative process as a whole. And now I'm hooked.

♥ By Manon: Have you ever been to France or do you plan on going there anytime soon?

Dear Manon: I went to France when I was eight, and I haven't been back since. I wasn't into beauty at the time, but I was still enamored by all the pharmacies; I guess it was a peek into the ominous, beauty consumed future. As of right now, I don't plan on going there anytime soon, but I hope that changes.

♥ By Brittany Messener from Life, Set SailRAD or Ceccheti?

Dear Brittany: Definitely RAD. 

♥ By @AnonBeauty_Blog: I spend more time than I should on my blog making it look perfect. How much time do you spend on your blog? Is there a limit?

Dear AnonBeauty Blog: The first thing I'd say is to understand that beauty is subjective. It's really hard to disappoint yourself, and, therefore, like you, I often retake pictures three times, rewrite posts, etc. But, in hindsight, if you don't like a way something looks/reads, some aren't going to like it either, and others will love it. In another case, if you love the way something looks, some will share the same feeling, and others will still hate it. In other words, don't get too caught up in making your blog look perfect; some people will love it either way. (And nobody likes the haters, anyway.) Set one or two blogging days a week when you'll get your stuff done and those are the only times you can touch, edit, or change things. After that, it's hands off.

♥ By Mallory (@MalloryDarling_): You're such a wonderful writer, have you considered writing/blogging/beauty as a career?

Dear Mallory: Wow, thank you for such a lovely comment. I do actually think about turning my blog or my love of writing into a career. Nevertheless, although I love beauty, I don't think it really defines me as much as ballet does, for example, and I think I could be happy writing about anything. I'm considering studying journalism when I go to university. Albeit, I don't know if I would want to turn my blog into my main career. Of course, I love doing it, but I like the hobby aspect of it. It's nice to have it as a backup option--y'know, if ballet doesn't work out [wink].

I want to thank you all for all your inquisitions. There were so many great questions, I had a really hard time editing the selection down. Now you know that I'm not a robot.
P.S. If you left me a question and I didn't answer it in this post, I'll do my best to reply to it. 


  1. Hey Lillian! You are Superwoman alright! just accept it! <3 I was going through your older posts yesterday and I can see how far you have come.. things have changed and improved by leaps and bounds and thats really inspiring! You are someone people can look up to for inspiration.. BIG time! :-)

  2. Such a great post. I bet it was lovely to read back all the comments and questions you were getting. You're blog is one of my faves :)


  3. I love Q&A posts. Maybe I'm just nosy but really, I just love getting to know the blogger more when I love a blog. xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  4. Your desk layout <3

  5. This is such a lovely post - loved all the answers. I wanted to become a ballerina when I was a little girl, but that was mainly because we wore tutu's during the 'big' shows. I'm sure with your preservation and will power (that I'm sensing) your dream will definitely come true x

    find me on 9outoften.com

  6. Love it!
    If you enjoyed writing this particular post... I'd really like to see more of them :)

  7. Oh, Divya--stop making me blush! Wow, thank you. You honestly make me so excited to blog and I'm really lucky to have people as amazing as you reading my blog. And I have to admit: I'm sorry for the old posts; I see them and practically cringe. (I don't think I'm alone in that, though.) Thank you, again. You always make my day.

    P.S. I don't think I've ever told you this, but you are stunning! x

  8. Thanks so much, Melissa. I really appreciate it. x

  9. Haha! Trust me--I'm über nosey, too. x

  10. Ah, thanks Weng; I'm really flattered. I know that you will go far, too. x

  11. Ok! now I am the one turning red! :D Thank you so much! <3


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