Monday, June 23, 2014

Korres | Brand Spotlight

Among the French, the Spanish, the British, and the Dutch, are the Greeks. Not only are the people admirable, but their respectful locations are the destinations of dreams. And when I envision my dream vacation--that happens to never end, might I add--the stunningly "normal" commodities for the denizens are treasures that I hope to explore; preferably, they're in the beauty category (although some variety of chocolate would be nice, too). Nevertheless, with transatlantic trade at its highest, I can get a taste of the world in the comfort of my own bed. Korres, a Greek brand, is a prime example.

With a history in homeopathy (No, we're not talking about the Trojan War, here), the original Korres was a pharmacy. But, through the years, founders Lena and George Korres expanded their line of natural-based products throughout the world. They place an emphasis on utilizing the innate potency of herbs and, specifically, Greek flora. Korres avoids the use of chemical substances such as mineral oils, silicons, parabens, and propylene glycol, among others. And their Nobel Prize-winning lab allows them to suck the greatest from the simplest ingredients. One of their best-sellers, their range of sleeping facials, follows the trend. The Greek Yogurt and Wild Rose Sleeping Facials and are super-charged with the ever-so-simple base. Product names also exude a sense of effectivity and allure, portrayed by some of their other best-sellers such as the Greek Yogurt Nourishing Lip Cooler or the Volcanic Mineral Mascara.

I can't say I'm a Korres expert, but I'm also no stranger. My testings come in duos; perhaps that's proof that I've been so satisfied with their products that I needed another dose...and I'm even contemplating a third. The first of the Korres loot is the Lip Butter in Pomegranate, which, in addition to the stunning coral color, packs a punch in the hydration department. The same Lip Butter in Jasmine is a newer offering to my stash with a sheer pink tinge, the same great nourishment, as well as a cupcake scent. Equally as delicious is their offering of body washes (or gel douche, shall I say). Both the Shower Gel in Guava and Fig offer a punchy fruit aroma, but with an earthy base that has me yearning for perfume versions.

Maybe I'll just have to snatch those spritzes on my next trip to Greece, but said trip may never happen if I continue dish my savings on more Korres plunder. 


  1. I have Pomegranate too, and in fact thats the only Korres thing I have so far. I want to try their moisturisers though! have you? how good are they?


  2. I've never actually tried anything from Korres, but the brand looks amazing so I really need to! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  3. I never knew Korres was Greek! That's wonderful. My boyfriend is Greek and I've been learning the language and how to pronounce things, and this surprised me. (It doesn't really sound Greek, you know? But now it kinda makes sense.) xx

    Em ♥ mascarawarrior.com

  4. I adore their shower gel in Basil Lemon, but I wasn't impressed with their mandarin lip balm in stick balm: it made me look ill (pasty, flaky lips).

  5. Lovely review. I've read a lot about Korres and wanna check it out badly!

    I'd love it if you dropped by to my blog at

    www.JuneWantsItAll.com and if you like, we could follow each other!

  6. The only thing I've tried from Korres is the lip butter but I LOVE it!
    Allison from www.mercuteify.com

  7. I've only ever tried the Korres Lip Butters but their other products seem just as lovely! Their shower gels really catch my attention but I do believe they contain SLS and my skin just doesn't agree with that. Such a shame! xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  8. I tried their Wild Rose Sleeping Facial and, I have to say, I wasn't a fan. Although I don't think it did anything bad to my skin, it was too heavily fragrance for my liking. I'll be writing more on it soon! x

  9. Me too. As for the stick lip balms (Mandarin Lip Balm in stick?) a comment below mentioned that they weren't that good. x

  10. I have eczema, so it's a cat and mouse game figuring out what agrees with my skin. Normally it just depends on the day. In other words, I know how you feel. x

  11. Whoop, Dutchies represent! I have been meaning to try their lip products. I love their shower gels - Fig's definitely my fave though.

    find me on 9outoften.com

  12. I've heard so much but now I'd love to try some Korres... Will you be doing Brand Spotlights as a series? Because I will for sure keep an eye out for them!

  13. I'm glad you liked it, Anna! Yes, I do "Brand Spotlights" as a series. I have done a couple in the past:

    RMS Beauty
    Laura Mercier
    REN Clean Skincare

    Enjoy! x


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