Monday, April 7, 2014

Noteworthy Natural Beauty Brands

In my opinion, natural beauty has a bad reputation. Hippies? Yogis? Kale munchers? Eh, you're not too far off; I'm one of them, at least, satisfying every stereotype above. But, there's so much more. In fact, I even have my mom--in her rhinestone loving, Jo Malone obsessing, and pedicure addiction ways--slightly hooked to products that have a guilt-free conscience. If you're a newbie or expertise on the subject, here are some natural beauty brands to note. They're guilt-free like ninety percent cacao, goji berry pumped chocolate, I tell you.

Australian at heart, this plant-based and laboratory-made, ingredient chocked brand isn't organic, or boastful of other nano-free claims. Nonetheless, who cares? It's obvious that simplicity of nature is at it's heart; just look at one of their ingredients lists. Notably, Aesop expands from the cosmetic level of other skincare brands: "we advocate the use of our formulations as part of a balanced life that includes a healthy diet, sensible exercise, a moderate intake of red wine, and a regular dose of stimulating literature." Now, that's what I like to hear.
Try the Aesop Parsley Seed Deep Cleansing Mask

Based in New Zealand, Antipodes ticks all the right boxes: certified organic, a light carbon foot print, and eighty percent of their products are sourced from New Zealand, with effective products in nutrient-sustaining packaging. It's also a plus that their formulations smell stunning, chock-full of extra boosts for your complexion and nasal cavities.
Try the Aura Manuka Honey Mask

Burt's Bees
I like to think of Burt's Bees as the brand that got this whole "natural beauty" ball rolling. Now stocked in grocery stores and drugstores alike, it's more than widely accessible. Although their products may not be organic, it's clearly stated slap bang on the casing how "natural" the content inside really is. If that still doesn't do it for you, take a look at their ingredients list; it's minimalism in tubes and tubs.
Try the Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Herbivore Botanicals
Mineral and plant based Etsy shop Herbivore Botanicals was my first foray into natural skincare. And I'll be honest in that it was their gorgeous packaging that, with first sight, had me smitten. All their products are hand-crafted in Seattle, Washington by owners Julia and Alex, themselves. On a more profound depth, their potions are natural, organic, and vegan and their oil-based (although not oily in the slightest) soaps are made using the cold-press method, sustaining all the completely untouched oil has to load my skin with.
Try the Blue Clay Soap

Joanna Vargas Skincare
New York City facialist Joanna Vargas--not to mention alumni of University of Chicago--mended her way into the beauty industry, working with day spas and company Jurlique. In a mission, she launched her own spa and now has her own skincare line which caters to her partiality to natural and organic ingredients.
Try the Exfoliating Mask

John Masters Organics
I like to consider John Masters Organics the "NARS" of the natural world, eclectic, well-known, and stunning in its own foray. As the name suggests, this organic brand boasts a conscience apparent on the outside, but also impressive on the inside; all their ingredients are either cold-pressed, steam distilled, or wild-harvested. It's even more impressive that their products are amazing, too.
Try the Sea Mist

Josie Maran
Perhaps you didn't quite think of Josie Maran as a natural brand, posing with the ethos and aesthetics of a model (like Josie Maran herself, per say) aside your conventional wonders; it does line the walls of Sephora, after all. Nevertheless, often utilizing plant extracts and crafted with an identic base of argan oil (pressed by women's co-ops in Morocco), Maran's potions also rock a near clean ingredients list, with constituents shamelessly notated as "natural" or "organic."
Try the 100% Pure Argan Oil (the classic...duh)

MyChelle Dermaceuticals
For skincare newbies, or even natural beauty newbies, MyChelle Dermaceuticals is the shelf to look towards. The best part is that the white and soft color clad tubes and pots may line the shelves of your local Whole Foods, but they're also easily found online and don't break the bank. With products organized by skin type, it's as easy is "1, 2, 3" to craft your skincare routine from scratch.
Try the Sun Shield SPF 28

Recently, Pai has become the talk of the beauty blogosphere, bringing in effectivity and remarkable principles. Creator Sarah Brown missioned her brand with sensitive skin in mind, but that doesn't mean her line's constituents lack a punch. With its own lab and manufacturing facility, there's also minimal chance of inadvertent additives and political drama...because you have to worry about these things when it comes to skincare.
Try the Rosehip Bioregenerate Fruit and Seed Oil Blend

REN Clean Skincare
I'll keep this one simple, considering I've talked on and on about REN's products for as long as I can remember. "Clean" is the most fitting adjective, really, to describe this brand, free of....the list is too long to notate. Nevertheless, their products are truly stunning, really wacking my complexion back into shape when I've had separation from these clear, minimalist bottles.
Try the ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser

RMS Beauty
Like REN, RMS can past the "free of" test and stump the inquisitor. Free of mineral oils? Oui. Free of nanos (whatever those are)? Yes, and their stunning pigments blend to skin seamlessly with the help of coconut oil and rosemary extract. Following the motto, "created by nature, untainted by man," RMS withholds these principles with raw and organic formulas. You could eat them if you wanted.
Try the Living Luminizer

The Organic Pharmacy
Created by a homeopathic pharmacist, British brand, The Organic Pharmacy, mixes cosmetic level problem solving with a philosophy of "from the inside, out" beauty. Her range of creams, cleansers, and serums, along with supplements and powders truly embodies the doctrine, and I like someone who sticks to their word.
Try the Manuka Face Cream

Now, it's time to grab a pad of paper and note away. And, FYI: using these products will not turn you into a kale-massaging freak like me.


  1. Great post! I love finding out more about skincare brands xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. This post is just the best. When I started reading I did not expect the list to be this long, I only knew about half of the brands so this is really interesting!

  3. I really want to try something by RMS, but I'm going to wait to purchase anything until I'm in the US.. I can't really figure out which shades to get so it's destined to be a mismatch!

  4. Some of favourite brands are featured in this post. So disappointed that I can't get my hands on the Antipodes Moisture Mini set I've seen floating around here in the UK *sobs*, on the bright side I am awaiting the Pai BioRegenerate Facial Oil!

    Abbie x

  5. I just bought the Pai Rosehip Oil, i'm super excited to see how I like it!


  6. I've tried some of these brands before such as Aesop and Antipodes and they're some of my favourites. The rest all have products on my wishlist that I hope to add to my collection sooner or later. xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  7. SO ready to snap up Aesop's parsley seed mask, will it change my life PTB? xx

    Eleri Roberts

  8. Thank you! I hope you find some new inspiration. x

  9. Aw, thank you. It was a lot longer than I expected...and took longer to write as well. But your comment made it all worth it. x

  10. I've been wanting to try some things from Cattier for ages, but I can't get a hold of their stuff anywhere I live. And I agree with the "granola image;" I know it holds true for me, anyway. x

  11. It's really nice; I've used it everyday since I got it. x

  12. Online ordering, especially when it comes to shades, is such a pain. Although, I've had good luck with pictures of swatches online. And, in the mean time, you can always pick up either their Living Luminizer or Buriti Bronzer. x

  13. Ah! You must tell me how you like it. x

  14. Let me hear your thoughts! x

  15. Aesop and Antipodes are awesome, especially when it comes to masks. x

  16. OH MY GOSH, yes! It's seriously amazing. x

  17. I wouldn't think to find it either so when I saw it I grabbed it! ;)

  18. I can tell I'm getting real fussy (aka turning into a snob) with my green beauty now as I would avoid half of these for not being 'clean' enough! sigh.
    (REN, antipodes, aesop and a few burts bee's products incase you were wondering!) Though I am often tempted by REN as they have an amazing display in my local M&S hahah!
    Also! I've been meaning to ask you what you thought of that derma-e toner you posted many moons ago? I'm keen on including it in an upcoming iherb haul (shhhhhh) xxxx

  19. Ah, Annabel--my little green beauty maven. (: Haha! I think you should go for some REN products; fudge your standards a little. The Derma-E toner is okay. I haven't used it in quite some time because of this new routine I have working, but it's quite hydrating, thought I wouldn't rely on it for exfoliation (maybe an über gentle dose for everyday, but you'll need to use something more heavy duty, too). I hope that helps, and don't hesitate to inquire further if you need. x

  20. Awi love Antipodes, Aesop are a brand I'm still waiting to try though their Parsley seed mask been top of the list :). I wasn't really impressed with Burts Bees I won two of there try me kits and all of the products left me underwhelmed they also aren't cruelty free which is a shame for a brand that claim to be 'earth friendly!' X


  21. Hi Abbie where abouts have you seen this set in the UK? Trying to get my hands on it everywhere :( online says it's not avilable in the UK Region :( x

  22. Burt's Bees isn't cruelty free?!? I recall seeing that claim on their packaging; obviously I'm going blind. You must try the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask--I'm currently working on getting my second tube. x

  23. Yeah sadly not the brand is owned by a company called Clorox who aren't cruelty free (PETA web) I don't usually mind so much but I had when's brands out natural, organic and earth friendly who aren't cruelty free shame really :(. I'm do buying that mask! I'm missing a good mask in my current skincare line up :D x


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