Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another New London Pharmacy Visit | Un

I'm not one for repeats. I've never read a book twice, rarely visit a restaurant more than once (besides those in my hometown--but only because my brother dictates so), and only rent movies. Why not discover what the rest of the world has to offer? Although, there are two exceptions to the rule: beauty repurchases (but I have strict standards) and New London Pharmacy. I wrote an initial ode here, and I'm doing another post on it? Now, it must be magnifique. I love the place, clad in dreamy, hard-to-find, and cult brands, a cozy atmosphere, and a helpful staff. So helpful, in fact, that I think I've learned more in a two hour period in those aisles than I have in all of AP Chemistry--don't tell my mom. Such an renaissance is thanks to Abby Fazio: the president of New London Pharmacy. When I mentioned that I would be stopping by, she accepting my notion of a meeting and she gave me a run down of the aisles, brands, and a personal skin consultation.

New London Pharmacy exudes an air of your typical European pharmacy. Originating from Greece, Abby knows how things function across the pond. On the continent of chic, people don't just come into pharmacies for Sharpie Pens or their prescription refill. They go for homeopathic remedies, skincare advice, or nutrition help; there is a reason Europeans stereotypically have good skin and US has the highest obesity rate of any country. With a makeup artist, fragrance expert, skincare consultant, nutritionist, and pharmacist always on staff, you no longer have to venture into any other city block.

After the introduction, we headed to makeup, as Abby disclosed that she's selective about the brands she stocks. Before my eyes lied Kevyn Aucoin (he was a "Chelsea boy," after all), Becca (popular among makeup artists), RMS Beauty, and Jane Iredale. The latter two boast a completely natural conscience and Abby always recommends Jane Iredale makeup to acneic complexions, because "skincare isn't the only think aggravating your skin," she suggested. Perhaps the most astonishing array of stocks, though, was skincare. Behind the makeup counter was a whole wall lined with Homeoplasmine, Bioderma, Nuxe, Julisis, The Organic Pharmacy, Embryolisse, Caudalie, Dr. Dennis Gross, and accompaniments. And behind my back was the next stop on the tour and Abby's most recent conquer: Sepai Skincare. "The ingredients are very pharmaceutical," Abby gushed, after previously boasting about how amazing and effective the brand is. She further explained that Sepai has introduced a new key in the realm of skincare, changing the way the cell works not just now, but ten years in the future. Also, Sepai has concocted stunning and customizable formulas; the shopper can create their very own potion with the addition of shots. Purchasing a shot will boost the effectivity of the product to perform how you want it to. 

Next on the skincare journey was a stop on another continent: Asia. Asian skincare is the best for brightening, since they're all about "white skin," said Abby. And she discussed how brand Amarte was no exception. Then, we stopped at Brazil. Brazilians work on beauty from the inside out, Abby said, pointing to stacked boxes of vibrant paper boxes lining the shelves. They were beauty "pills," for nearly any need imaginable, notably the ones concocted for a dose before a day in the sun to aid in tanning. We staggered further, and I was learning a host of information, including that La Roche-Posay's Mela-D Serum is "the best" for dark spots. 

Before things get too lengthy, consider this your New London Pharmacy documentary intermission...until tomorrow when the second half premieres, corroborating as the tour proceeds to haircare, body care, and my skincare overhaul.


  1. I wish I could visit, it sounds like my kinda place. Then again, I probably would end up bankrupt after a visit. What did you pick up? I see lots of my favourites mentioned in the post x

    find me on 9outoften.com

  2. I almost did go bankrupt; but luckily, my mom was there to bail me out. (: I picked up The Organic Pharmacy Manuka Moisturizer and the Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask. xo


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