Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another New London Pharmacy Visit | Deux

I'm not one for repeats. But, New London Pharmacy is an exception. Abby Fazio, the president of New London Pharmacy, gave me a tour of the beauty mecca and a personal skincare consultation; and I learned enough to exhibit my own renaissance. New London Pharmacy is based on the theme of your typical European pharmacy. With a makeup artist, fragrance expert, skincare consultant, nutritionist, and pharmacist always on staff, you no longer have to venture into any other city block. Read part one of the journey here.

Abby and I (along with my mom, although I was so stunned I forgot she was staggering behind) continued around the shop and moved to haircare. Like Tiffany windows, before me glowed golden cans of L'Orèal Elnett Hairspray--but this isn't the same stuff from Walgreens. Abby ships these bottles from Europe because the FDA banned an ingredient in the aerosol cans which hairstylists adore; and it's why they flock to New London to stock up. Below the sparkling cans was a neat helping of John Masters Organics haircare (their skincare lineup appeared on "the skincare wall"), including the genre for pets. On the next aisle was another haircare dollop, consisting of Yarok, Aveda, and, notably, Rahua. Abby is a fan because the brand "gives back to the rainforest...and when we can give back, we should." Then, we talked body care. Abby admired J&E Atkinsons I Coloniali body care, opening a subdued orange tub of moisturizer that "nourishes as it exfoliates" and, after a sniff, described the scent as "unmatched." Then, there was Foucaud--a brand started by a Frenchman who shipped his products to soldiers during the World War to clean themselves. And, then, there was Kneipp, homeopathic remedies in bath products to cure a cold, relax muscles, or rattle away the cobwebs with a reviving aroma come morning. The brand description was comparable to that of Aromatherapy Associates: the British brand that Abby uses to convince people to take baths--a necessary ritual, in her terms.

Then came the skin consultation. Abby directed my mom back to Sepai for her aging complexion while I listened intently. But, then, it was my turn. After expressing my need for a new moisturizer, I drew her attention to the bumps on my chin--not red like spots, but just raised flesh. "Exfoliation," she muttered. But I further explained my daily use of "exfoliating toners," currently the Derma E Glycolic liquid. "Then it's not doing anything," she continued, revealing a reflection that had never crossed my mind. So she directed me to the Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask--a manual and enzyme exfoliator hybrid that I should use twice weekly to aid my complexion. Then, onto my moisturizer needs; with a glance, Abby read my skin from top sight to deep dermis: combination and acne prone. Following her goddess-like lead, she offered two pots. The first was another potion from Joanna Vargas, but I was keen on trying a pot from The Organic Pharmacy; and that's where the next option came from. The Organic Pharmacy Manuka Face Cream was carefully placed in my New London shopping bag.

After checkout, Abby and I said our goodbyes. It was a sad but inevitable event. As I stood on the Subway on our way back to the hotel, I ran my mom's ear off about how excited I was, stating that I "[couldn't] wait to wash my face." Now, forget buying beauty products--I'm saving for a plane ticket back to NYC.

Thank you, Abby, for showing me around New London Pharmacy. It will be an event I will never forget.


  1. Id love to visit! It sounds so fun and Id love to try some products xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  2. Wow, an interesting event. I love to learn more about skincare and these are such great opportunities! nice to find another USA blogger lilian! <3

    - Chaitra | PinkPot

  3. Ah, merci! xo


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