Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

I'm the queen of "no-makeup, makeup," among my friends, at least. Yesterday, one of my best acquaintances (okay, maybe she's more like a life boat--I can't float without her), even asked me if I was wearing mascara. With a satisfying grin, from cheek to cheek, I uttered, "yes," but didn't dish the caveat that I normally wiggle the brush from roots to tip, then go in with my finger to brush it all away. I'll admit: I do have pretty good lashes.
And, complexion-wise, I'm the girl whose skin looks rather flawless, but my comrades still hint questions concerning my base wearing habits; you're the only ones who know that secret.
But how do my characteristics relate to this concealer--the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer?

Well, to clear the air, the previous mentioned descriptions of my inherent aesthetic sound rather cocky. I'd say it's more of a sin than a curse that I prefer such a minimal look (no wonder I never use up makeup products) and, despite this perfection known as my complexion's appearance, I can bleep about how amazing my skincare stash is--which is a tall tale--but it's all down to this concealer.

The mousse-like formula blends over the skin perfectly, but also doesn't cake in any fine lines (or the dent that's in my forehead...ugh) and smooths over blemishes to cover their lumpiness. With a texture of the like, blending can consider a little pension. Do you use fingers? A brush? Sponge? I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to pat the places where I need more coverage and to blend the places where I want a thin veil. 
But it wasn't until this morning that I donned this concealer the best I've tried.
I'll admit that I'm a spot-picker, and the scabs that are left behind have me self-conscience. In a quick dash, I slipped on my other concealer (the MAKEUP FOREVER full coverage offering) and, although it hid the pigment, it didn't hide the texture. I promptly removed it and splodged this one on. Even I had trouble spotting those scabby areas.
And for a girl whose makeup needs to stay (somewhat) for twelve hours, this tube's status escalates to a makeup staple.

For a concealer so covering and so long-lasting, stereotypical analogies suggest that this is also cakey. But I beg to differ, once more. In the name of my makeup mantra, it's coincides with the quintessential "no-makeup, makeup" aesthetic (i.e. completely cake-free). 
With my picky, perfectionist ratings, this concealer sounds too good to be true. But I do reserve one hesitation and that's in the packaging: the doe-foot applicator. Things can get a little unhygienic when spongy tips of the like are involved, but here's my final conclusion. Considering how heavy handed I often get, as well as my love for this offering, I don't think this tube will last very long. And in that case, with regular replacement, the doe-foot should be fine. 

It may be pricey, but this Radiant Creamy Concealer is the best über covering formula I've found (and I'm lucky I did find it considering I wear the shade "Vanilla"--like the rest of the world). Hell, I'll do anything to maintain my "no makeup" wearing status.


  1. I need this in my life but I am the shade Vanilla like you (and as you said the rest of the world haha) so I haven't been able to find one :( xx


  2. Vanilla is crazy popular! I need to get my hands on these, I haven't read a single bad review xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  3. I've been wanting to try this concealer for ages! Might have to just finally give in and get it...

    x, Phoebe-Cate // phoebecate.blogspot.com

  4. I'mma need some of this...


  5. I'm literally the same. I get so many compliments on my skin wearing this - Chantilly, luckily mines not too hard to source


    Katy xx

  6. So many people are raving about it, I just need to try it to! Great post on the product :)

    xo Mélane

    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Motivation

  7. I agree, this concealer is a TOTAL game changer! Hooked for life.

  8. I use that magical elixir under my eyes and the MUFE Full Cover on any spots. Love the combo, although MUFE isn't' *quite* light enough for me (but I set it with Hourglass ALP in Ethereal Light, so you can't really tell).

  9. I swatched this and the two lightest shades were too white or too yellow so I'm hoping if I visit a Nars counter they'll have a better offering.

    Love Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  10. I want to try this one so so bad! It sounds amazing

  11. I seriously need this in my life when I run out of concealer. It sounds fantastic! xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  12. Love Nars products, they feel so great on your skin!


  13. If you are on the fence about trying this, JUST DO IT!! It's the best concealer I've ever tried and can be used to conceal just about anything! Check out my review to see more! >> http://bit.ly/1dlzSnE


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