Monday, March 17, 2014

Base Application

I hate spending money, but love new products. It’s contradictory and a balance impossible to strike. And it is exactly why I’ve procrastinated buying a new powder brush for years a while now, puffing my way through the same brand-less set of bristles since 2011; it does the job. Though, when it comes to base application, I've made it quite obvious that the Real Techniques Buffing Brush rules. But we’re edging into “necessary” or “unnecessary” territory. If your going on an overnight jaunt, are a makeup newbie just beginning to stash, or would rather not eat beans on toast for the whole month, then you can obviously get on without this buffing wonder. 

And the backup tool is one you’ve had since you arrived on (the sometimes disappointing and stressful) planet earth: your hands. Always portable, easily cleaned in five seconds--no one washes their hands for as long as it takes to sing the alphabet--and create a charming finish. Yet, my extreme preferences when it comes to makeup mean that I must have both; though this is the least of my problems considering one is cost-free. Yet, as I've squeezed through my base stash to the dregs, I’ve concluded which bases work best with the corresponding application method.

When it comes to skincare and makeup hybrids, hands are always the best choice. The Dr. Jart Waterfuse BB Cream matches the color of my complexion and rocks more oil-control when applied with fingers. Similarly, the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream lied unloved before I discovered it’s matching application method. Blending with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush imparted a cakey finish for color correcting cream’s thick texture. The miraculous shift means that this cream now shows as skin…but it a reincarnated, more perfected form.

But some formulas call for a bristles to seamlessly smooth them through, stereotypically the most full-coverage offerings. The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation balances the cliff along too heavy and too light when using a brush, situating itself over the skin and divulging a smooth finale. Still lighter in coverage, the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint also appears its best with the use of a brush.

But, there’s one product that takes two different roles: the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer. There’s something about a brush that really packs this on, enhancing the dewy finish of this tinted cream, but also supplying a little bit more coverage. The down fall? As with anything that’s packed, it is slightly cakey. When applied with those free tools, it’s less glowy and more matte, and packs a less coverage punch, as well. But with the cons aside, the lasting power increases, as does the oil control—living up to its name.

So, sometimes, two good things don't always equal something better (i.e. that matching of my favorite brush with my favorite base). Although, the alternative is free--just how I like it.


  1. I'm still lusting over the GA Luminous Silk foundation, and have been for a while! Nice to know it works with the Buffing Brush though, as this is a little number I already have in my stashes! ;) T xx

  2. I can't wait to try the Armani foundation, once I run out of my Nars sheer glow I may give it a try!


  3. Good news, I took the plunge and ordered the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint – had to try it myself. GA Luminous Silk has been on my list for months now, have been trying a sample of it which I do love, but then again... there's only so many bases I can slap on my face (and I've got a lot). Great post xx

    9 out of ten | find and follow me on bloglovin

  4. I'm so obsessed with Armani Luminous Silk - it's amazing

  5. I LOVE the Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse BB Cream. Hands down the best foundation layer.

    I've posted a DIY tooth whitening, natural remedies for acne scarring and 5 reasons to drink more water over on my blog. Please come over and take a peek!




  6. I sampled Clinique's CC cream today and loved it, applied it with my fingers so excited to see how it works alongside my RT buffing brush :) xx

    Eleri Roberts

  7. The Dr. Jart BB cream is definitely a product I have on my wishlist. It sounds like it will be great for spring and summer for sure, especially since my skin has been clearing up! xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  8. You already have half of the stunning duo. xo

  9. Ah, I'm so excited for you! Maybe use one up, then buy the GA Foundation? Tips of the trade from Lillian.... xo

  10. It's worth a try, but it really works best with fingers. xo

  11. You must get it; it's a dream for warmer weather. xo

  12. Add it to your Christmas (far away, I know...) or birthday list. Hope that helps. (:

  13. Haha, great tip. Though there are literally less than a handful of bases I've emptied over the years. Really bad, I know...


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