Friday, February 21, 2014

Vitamin D | Nutrition and Skin

I have two running reasons for the trek to perfect skin. First, who doesn’t want a flawless complexion? That’s what I thought. And, second, I think that my beauty blogger ego needs to boast such a feat, especially because I’m one to recommend the achievers.

But this is where I come clean to admit that I don’t have perfect skin.
Because of my stubborn personality, I’ll test product variations and ingredients until Earth’s end—which, thank goodness, wasn’t in 2013.
Nevertheless, there is one dosage that has really helped my skin, especially since this winter has brought the plenty of polar vortexes: vitamin D.

In my philosophical meditations, I considered the possible cause of my near impeccable summer skin. I tried reverting back to a replica routine, but I didn’t want to purchase all new products. I concluded that the humidity played a rather integral part (my skin always gets cranky come polar temps). But, beyond that, I also remembered that the occurrence happened while I was in New York City—land of pollution and mandatory pedestrian travels.

That’s it: my miles of walking also meant I spent miles in the sun—a habit that stopped as soon as I returned to suburbia. So I realized that the onset of vitamin D played some component in my skin’s favor.
Well, you better bet it was minutes until I had a tub of capsulated sun of my own and I started dosing up on one pill per night; gosh, this is starting to sound like a druggie confession. Nevertheless, after a few days’ use, I noticed that the majority of my breakouts had seized (especially the ones on my forehead—my largest problem area).

Now, I’m in no way disclosing that I currently boast an imperfection-free complexion—particularly because I currently boast a few stubborn bumps on my chin (and I’ve tried everything…). But, I can’t help but owe this dose of ‘D’ to my clear-as-day forehead; nice image, non?
But, even if you try this complexion tactic for yourself and you don’t see any results in the slightest, I’d say that a dosage can’t hurt. If you don’t eat much dairy like me or are as pale as medicinal gauze (and also tan quite easily, might I add), then you should still take a capsule a day for your own health.

The most considerable reason why this mighty capsule has aided my skin is the disclosure that if I forget to take a dose, the spots start popping again.
Who knew that these small drops could be as mighty as a sword?


  1. great tip, i have never been one to take vitamin tablets but i agree that when the sun comes out my skin always does seem better! will have to give this a try xxx


  2. Ugh I totally know what you mean with the spots on your chin! I cannot get rid of mine, or the ones on my jawline. I've heard that in these areas its due to hormones, so just an added bonus of being female I suppose! x


  3. I have been taking Vitamin D for a little over a month now & I am hoping its helping my skin. It can't be doing any harm


  4. wow I didn't know vit D helps so much! great tip!


  5. I knew about Vitamin E capsules, but not about the D one, but that makes sense! How do you take it, orally or you put it on your skin?

  6. I'll definitely have to try some Vitamin D. I haven't tried them before and in these gloomy winters, I definitely need some extra vitamin D. xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  7. Oh by the way, which brand of these vitamin D capsules are you taking?

  8. Great post, definitely need some extra vitamin D haha! x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  9. I already take so many vitamins and supplements for my acne-prone skin -- which have really helped my breakouts. I don't take Vitamin D; though you have convinced me to do so. I'm indoors all day long aside from running along with the setting sun in the evenings. I've never though of this but I do think Florida's major humidity has helped keep my dehydrated but combo skin (plump? happy?).

  10. I take it orally. xo

  11. Just a little bit of self-experiment; I'm such a nerd.... xo

  12. Oh, dry air always makes my skin go mad. I just received a surge of warm air where I live and my skin as already improved ten-fold. Try taking some vitamin D--it can't hurt. xo

  13. I take the capsules by Whole Foods. xo

  14. Yess--now I have a two person control group. (: xo

  15. Darn! There isn't a Whole Foods here. I'll have to see what I can find. Thanks!

  16. I have Korres lip balm in Plum! Like it a lot:-)

    Giveaway on my blog:-)



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