Friday, January 24, 2014

The Sigma Eye Brush Overhaul

I'll admit: I'm an eyeshadow slacker (especially for a blogger of my kind). And I accredit three reasons for such a confession. One, I'm lacking dreamy shades of pigment itself. Two, my OCD takes control of wanting to perfect every square millimeter of skin--and, ten minutes later, I've just finished concealer. And, last, I'm not fully equipped to exercise the eye-enhancing task to the best of my ability.

One of the three I just can't control, but the other was seemingly fixed when my fairy grandmother showed at my door (and I totted with a MAC palette as a result). But, the latter was a mission to be assigned.
So, in CIA fashion, I stalked websites, conducted research, and carefully mended outcome by outcome in my head. MAC brushes? Too damn pricey. Zoeva? Can I just move to Europe already? Sigma? Hmm...now that requires contemplation.

But don't envision chin-scratching motions for too long, because, before I knew it my fairy postmother (who happens to be a man...) appeared at my door with packages in tow.
The Sigma E40 Tapered Blending and Sigma E70 Medium Angled Shading were soon unwrapped and eyeshadow was swept (what else?).

The blending counterpart wins Google prize for 'MAC 224 dupe.' Although, I don't have both to compare, I can deliver on it's washing abilities.
For natural, 'barely there' eye-adornment fiends (like myself) this brush is what your imagined countenance is made of. Choose a champagne, bronze, or taupe, and this baby will seamlessly blend color across your lids in a matter of seconds. 'Are you really wearing eyeshadow?' Now that's what I like to hear.

Then, the shading variety lives up to it's promises--and then some. Its stiff bristles pack on color and shimmer, but a clean tip also blends. It's angled nature makes it sizable for crease work, but, I must gush, it doesn't quite live up to that title as well as the MAC 217.
Considering I'm rarely the heavy pigment wearer, this set of bristles doesn't get as much use as it's fluffy correlative. But, as you've probably been able to realize since the first sentence, I can't speak for daily smoky eye execution.

As I now stare at these two black handles, I realize, 'these babies really need some more love.' Yet, I also can't help but sigh that the E70 wasn't exactly the most necessary of purchases. Oh well. I guess I'm a buyer of brushes in true princess fashion, but I still couldn't justify the gorgeous copper handled variety.


  1. OH those look LOVELY (are they natural or synthetic bristles?)

    Also: get yourself some Inglot eye shadows. Seriously AMAZING~
    They totally rival MAC (actually, I personally think they are better)

  2. i heard these are gorgeous wallet-friendly dupes for MAC brushes too, but have yet to try them myself. because like you, i'm not thaaaat big on wearing eyeshadow, mainly due to laziness! speaking of affordable brushes, sonia kashuk does some really good ones too :)

    rachel x

  3. I have yet to try Sigma brushes but these look absolutely lovely and I really need to try that e40 brush


  4. I've wanted to try some of the Sigma brushes, but after investing in the MAC 217 recently I'm finding it hard to part with the cash on anything else. It's ridiculous really, I gave into the hype on that one but I held out for a really long time. It actually does work as well as people give it credit for!

    It's a shame your E70 didn't live up to the expectation, but then maybe it's time to consider another alternative? If you find one I'd be very interested to read about it. xo

    Adrienne @ Late Night Nonsense | Bloglovin'

  5. I definitely need to expand my brush collection- and eye shadow techniques in general, I'm intimidated! Lol. I really like Ecotools, sooooo soft, and synthetic= cruelty free!

  6. I've been eying sigma brushes for quite some time, though i think i would go all out and get a whole set!

  7. I have been meaning to pick up the E40. It seems like it's exactly what is missing in my collection right now.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  8. Most of my brushes are from a Sigma kit I purchased years ago and I'm still loving them! x


  9. I've been debating over the Sigma brushes for awhile now, but I haven't got myself to order them. After reading this post, I really want to try the E40 brush!


  10. I think they're natural (I know--eek). And I'll definitely check out Inglot; thanks, chica! xo

  11. Oooo; I'll check those out next time I'm in Target. And I think we should both make an effort to wear eyeshadow more often. (: xo

  12. I'll be sure to share. MAC brushes are so ridiculously expensive; of what I've tried, I'd say the 217 is the only one that's worth it. xo

  13. *Added to wishlist*. (:

  14. Shame, I've heard such wicked things about the Sigma brushes :))

  15. I need some of these - brill post!


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