Monday, January 20, 2014

RMS Living Luminizer | Review

The assumption that everyone likes chocolate is ignorant, because I know many who don't. But assuming that everyone likes highlighter is a different story. Although I'm sure there is someone out there who doesn't (and, if you know them, they deserve a slap on the bum), any pot of glimmery stuff should perch in your makeup bag (or collection or full-on vault).

For makeup newbies, you may be wondering what this 'h' word is, really. Well, non, it's not (in any way) related to the yellow, neon pens lounging at the bottom of your backpack. But consider them in the same family. Why do you highlight? Well, I'm partial to saying because my professor tells me to, but, in retrospect, the purpose is to intensify whatever is being outlined by the eye-catching ink.

Well the makeup form does essentially the same thing, drawing light to various focal points of your face. They come in universally flattering undertones, intensities, glitter, shimmer, sheen, and aura. And although they claim the alias 'universal,' I beg to differ.
Once upon a time, a bronzy glow-giver enhanced my complexion. And it wasn't as pretty as I had imagined. Then, I had the same result with a too-pink counterpart. But, nevertheless, there is one pot that really should be within your grasp: the RMS Living Luminizer.

Unlike the previously mentioned, this pearly, white cream will not alter your skin tone in any unflattering manner--in neither spray tan nor disco ball fashion. Although it seems quite stark, it's not, and this formula is one of the most subtle I've ever seen (and that's a compliment).
We owe this subtlety to the ingredients: castor oil, coconut oil, beeswax, rosemary extract, and pigment. C'est tout.

No glitter. No shimmer. Just sheen. But, judging from the former list, there's no reason to run at the sight of the oily content. Although I vouch the sheen to the oils, no one shalt judge for an oil-slick on your brow bone, cheek bone, cupid's bow, and inner corner. And if they do, slap them on the bum, too.

The only glint of negative traits I have for this is the lasting power--normally around four hours. But I wouldn't let that scare you. After that amount of time, the oils start to kick in on my combination skin--not in an oily way, but a little bit of 'glow' peeks under. So, truth be told, I don't need the additional sheen.
If you boast a drier complexion, this may pose a peril. But the no-brush-needed quality means you can throw the pot in your handbag and rush to the lou to tap some on again. In fact, it's so easy to tap and press because of its melty manner (translated into the fact that it mends to the skin perfectly in a 'no-makeup' makeup way).

So, last time, the must-have product was Advanced Night Repair, but, this round, it's this pot of organic sheen. But really--add some breath and life to your complexion, because simply giving someone a box of chocolate won't induce as happy a reaction as you may think.


  1. Simply stunning! I love this stuff!

  2. This looks super pretty, I've never used a cream highlighter but since having my make up done on a counter I realised how much more natural they look just have the ability to brighten up your whole complexion I'm definitely intrigued in general with RMS as a brand and some of the other products in there line x


  3. Your blog is very pretty! I absolutely adore the name too. I am really loving highlighters right now, but i have yet to try a cream one. This one seem great!
    New follower on bloglovin'
    xo Mia

  4. I agree. Everything I've tried from them has been amazing (even if it's only been two products). xo

  5. They're really awesome! xo

  6. Merci, merci. Cream highlighters are my favorite; they're so low maintenance (and you only need your hands to apply). xo

  7. I really want to try this, I love how highlighters look but even better if it benefits the skin too! xx



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