Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish | Review

A brief glance at this homepage or a sound of my voice and you'll realize that I'm a denizen of the US. But, unlike my fellow complacent peers, I'm willing to stretch to the wit's end of my wallet to snatch a good import. Whether the packaging preaches in français or I satisfyingly glance at the 'Made in the UK' notion after each pump, I'm willing to forget I live in the big ole red, white, and blue (except it seems like every other country seems to have the same colors) even if it's just for a moment.

But, don't get my wrong, I'm certainly not shunning this 'land of opportunity.' And especially as of late because the beauty connections have been put to sterling practice because, ladies and gents, Liz Earle has arrived across the pond in the US.

Being the tester I am, I started my Earle venture with the classic: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. The philosophy with this potion is to 'cleanse' by rubbing the creamy cleanser into the skin, then 'polish' with the adjoining muslin cloth.
I've been a fan of muslins for a while, but I'm just now realizing that they're such a faff--some too big and hang in your (nasty) sink, others too small and only cover your eye. So I guess I'm not the best tester when it comes to the Liz Earle cleansing philosophy.

Nevertheless, I've been using this cleanser for my morning cleanse and nightly makeup removal step. The blend of beeswax, eucalyptus oil, glycerin, vitamin B5, cocoa butter, rosemary extract, and chamomile boast an honorable conscience, but the formula isn't completely clean for die-hard naturalists.
As I judge this potion based on it's performance, it takes off makeup nicely (only leaving a slight tell-tale black smudge of waterproof mascara in the morning) and cleanses the skin leaving no film, residue, nor oily or stripped sensation.

I have to disagree with the experts here, though, because Cleanse and Polish is the only cleanser that Earle's line contains, making it 'suitable for all skin types.' And the reason I beg to differ is because my skin hasn't gotten along with this cleanser very well. It's caused a few stubborn whiteheads and pesky under-the-skin bumps along my jawline.
At first, I put down the gradual disagreement to another product, but after switching this cleanser's job to Cetaphil (probably even worse for my skin...) the little lumps have gradually dissipated.

So, I think Liz Earle has a mighty solid cleanser here, but, I must admit, my skin isn't quite the fan. I'll go back to my American ways.


  1. I have never tried this despite being told it's pretty amazing.
    Also: I use OzoCosy cloths and they are (albeit quite small) absolutely lovely to use.

  2. I wasn't keen on this when i tried it either! It broke me out like nothing else on my jaw line. It much be some sort of nasty ingredient included in there. Such a shame though! x


  3. Such a shame it didn't work for you :( so many people rave about it so it is nice to see a different opinion! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  4. I absolutely adore Cleanse & Polish and couldn't imagine using anything else to remove my makeup! I remember watching a YouTuber who didn't get with it though and I found it so hard to believe because I thought this was one of those products that just worked for everyone. I guess there could never be one universal product though because everyone's skin type is so vastly different and it's a shame you couldn't take part in the hype over Liz Earle. As for me, I wish Liz Earle was available on the Australian shores as ordering online can be such a pain.


  5. It's too bad this didn't work out for you. I have been meaning to try out this cleanser for ages now. Hopefully when I do get my hands on it, I'll enjoy it.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  6. Yours is maybe the first negative review on this product, and I really appreciate it since I think hyped up products always need someone who stand out from the crowd! I haven't try it yet, but I own a mini size I'm saving for my trip to London in March, but now I'm a bit scared bringing it without knowing how my skin could react, so I'll maybe test it out a few times to see how it works on me before leaving with it only as a cleanser in my suitcase. Thank you!

    x Giada | The Beauty Recensionist

  7. I tried this cleanser a few years ago and at first loved it. I've since found cleanser that are much suited to my skin, though this cleanser is still very much hyped about in the beauty community. x

    Abbie from Dainty Little Dreams

  8. Oooo; I love a good cloth! I recently received the Aurelia ones they're nice too. xo

  9. Agreed; surprisingly, I broke out on my chin, too. xo

  10. Pas de problème. xo

  11. I agree--it's always so nice to see things in store. And I think that Earle should have broadened her range to include one more cleanser. I'm glad you adore it, though. xo

  12. My skin has been so dry recently, I really could need the extra moisture. My skin type is in my FAQ page (here). xo

  13. I hope so, too. xo

  14. Definitely test it out; I'm only one out of millions! (: xo

  15. Agreed--I've just tried options that are far more effective. xo

  16. so happy to read such an honest review, i've got the bumps under my skin, along my jawline too so glad it's not only me!



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