Friday, December 6, 2013

Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm | Review

Whether you've got a fetish with pigment in the bullet form, glossy doe-foot applicator formulas, or buttery sheer pots, there's one staple in your stash. I know--you may think that they're all necessities, but let's be pragmatic. Okay, now you know the answer: lip balm. In fact, it's so fundamental that it's more skincare than makeup, it lives in your handbag, and is applied seven more than once per day.

So what is the answer to this riddle? The Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm.
The non-sticky, but emollient (almost oil-like) texture sinks into lips to actually repair your pucker, not just provide some artificial security. The formula contains a variation of fatty acids to mend dry and chapped lips instantly.
It's thick enough for luxe night-time use, but still light enough for some 'slap and go' mornings. And what makes it ever-more morning appropriate? The gloss. Oh, the gloss. Just apply this, and you can forget the additional pigmented plumpers and creamy chromas in your stash.

Then, the scent; it's not called 'mojito' for nothing. Infused with Malin + Goetz's classic 'mojito' scent of lime, mint, and basil.

So, next time you slap on your morning lip balm, consider: does your's have a mojito scent, apply a reflecting finish, and impart nearly perfect moisture? I think non.


  1. I would probably buy this just for the scent but the added benefits make it even more appealing! xxx

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  2. Ooh LOVE the sound of this. I need a deeply moisturising lip balm - all the ones I own tend to just sit on top of my lips and make them a bit sticky


  3. sounds amazing! I love the EOS lip balms but I could do with something a bit more nourishing.


  4. It's really good. xo

  5. I know what you mean; I finally came to the conclusion of that fact with my (once) beloved Nuxe Rêve de Miel *sigh*. xo

  6. Really?!? I've been eyeing it up recently! xo

  7. I know what you mean, but (let's be honest) the packaging of the EOS 'eggs' are just too cute to pass up. xo

  8. Well this sounds amazing. I've only ever tried the spot treatment from Malin & Goetz, but it is pretty awesome stuff. Must try this! xx

  9. Everything I've tried from the brand thus far has had me wowed. Their 'Dark Rum' scent is gorgeous! x


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