Sunday, November 24, 2013

'Parisian To Be' Turns One and Giveaway Winner

Four score and seven years ago.... Just kidding. It's only been one year since 'Parisian To Be' became a verbatim term in Google, but I consider that a milestone worth celebrating. Alas, I can glare at the cringe-worthy photos and realize that it wasn't that long ago when I still hadn't discovered my cubbyhole in the beauty blogging arena.

And this is where I turn the tables--thank you. Without your support of this blog, it wouldn't be running the way it does, the content wouldn't be the same, and my self confidence would be ridiculously low. As we trudge on into the future, I only envision amazing things for this virtual niche. Most important, this is my space just as much as it is yours, so I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.

To celebrate, I'll be indulging in some serious treats--perhaps à la Whole Foods--and, for you, I'll be announcing the champion of the New London Pharmacy Giveaway. And the winner is...


Congratulations! Thank you all for entering. This is just the first of many giveaways to come. I will contact the winner via email concerning your well-deserved loot. As for the rest of you, I apologize for this series of unfortunate events, but grant you to do whatever your heart desires.

In conclusion, I'm ecstatic about the future of 'Parisian To Be' and I hope it continues to grow as quickly as it has already. Thank you, again, and kisses all around...french stylée.

xo Lillian


  1. N'awwww. Thank you! xo

  2. Really?!? I'm so lucky to have people like you. xo

  3. Thank you! xo

  4. jamie @makeuplifeloveDecember 1, 2013 at 11:07 PM

    So happy I won. I can't wait to get all the goodies!!! Happy 1st birthday with millions more to come!!! You deserve it!! xoxo - jamie

  5. Congratulations! Remember to send me that picture, when you get get the delivery. xo


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