Friday, November 1, 2013

Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray | Review

It's obvious; beachy hair is the best hair. For those of us who live in landlocked territory, the natural (and most $$ effective) option is far from obtainable, so we spritz to get us to our goal. Whether you want more volume, wave, shine, matte texture, grit, etc. there is a mist for you.

The most recent addition to my haircare stash is the Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray--a purchase to fill the void of my diminishing sea salt mist placeholder. At around twenty dollars for a travel-sized, mere seventy-five milliliters, this stuff doesn't come cheap; but since I'm a Leo and don't mind some luxe payments, the price didn't stop me.
The aerosol packaging does make it slightly difficult to control how much comes out of the bottle. The scent isn't particularly pleasing, as well, as the regular hairspray-ish scent leaves a bit to be desired.

As for the formula and the beach dose, the Après Beach mist packs the biggest punch in the volume category, literally putting an air hose to the head and blowing up the hair. As for the wave inducing front, it ticks the box here too, which is remarkable considering my hair is as stick straight as straw. As for the shine, beacon initiating part, I don't find it too light reflecting, but a little pinch here and there means that healthy hair is on the way.

Don't think I'm being a Debbie downer, but this review doesn't sound promising does it? Well, here's why. I like my Bumble and bumble Surf Spray a  l o t. It's not nearly as volumizing, but I'm not quite after that category, but I continue to lust after the more gritty, matte, and piecey texture that the Surf Spray initiates. The lasting power continues to be better, as well, but a little hair fluff with the hands when the Oribe lies in the tresses doesn't fail to perk the style up again.

The luxe aesthetic of the Oribe offering has me a little wobbley knee-ed, but the formula doesn't quite do the same. Nevertheless, if I'm having a particularly flat day, I'll know where to reach...the United Airways site to book a trip to St. Tropez.

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