Monday, November 18, 2013

L'Oréal EverCrème Nourishing Conditioner | Review

Once autumn rolls around, there's one word that pounds the pages of editorial articles, blogs, and newspapers: hydration, or some synonym of the like. Whether you choose to slap the recommendations on under running water, on damp skin, pre-cuddle, or ante running-out-door, chances are a variation of moisture will hit your noggin sometime within the next few months.

And then there's hair. Heat, wind, nippy weather, or whatever you have in your surroundings, it will take a beating. Because I'm nearly out of my Bumble and bumble Surf conditioner and I've pulled the cozy knits out of the archives, I figured it was time for a new offering. With trends such as veganism and the fact that everything these days is linked to cancer, perhaps these seemingly-exclusive offerings are closer than you think. Ponder--at your nearest drugstore.

And this is where the L'Oréal EverCrème Nourishing Conditioner makes its entrance. One hundred percent vegan, sulfate free, paraben free, sans heavy waxes, and marketed as 'concocted from botanicals'.
Addressed first, the nourishing factor. If you have thin, limp hair like me, this could be hit or miss. Is it as hydrating as the claims? Ooo, yes. But so much so that it brings out my natural texture--stick straight (something I normally try to texture-up) and can weigh down your lengths.
Nevertheless, if you're a common lover of volumizing shampoos, then this may float your boat to add some much needed moisture and minimizing the too static-like effects. And consider this your fair warning: you may contract an obsession with hair-petting.

Despite it's earth-friendly claims, this offering may not be as tree-hugging as you may think. We can both agree that the marketing claims aren't a hoax, but the formula continues to contain chemical ingredients such as propylene glycol (commonly found in foods; also used to winterize vehicles). But, considering the ingredients, it is a lot more promising than other chemicals hair products.

As for the vanilla scent (supposedly 'camelina'), it's nice, but too artificial for my liking (coming from added fragrance--read the ingredients). Albeit, at around seven dollars, chances are you may get along with this product, if not for the results, for the price. And that's one hydrating product checked off your list.


  1. I think it's so funny that this range still advertise their conditioners as being sulfate free, when I personally have never seen a conditioner that contained sulfates. That being said, I do think for the price they are good quality.
    I'm with you on the smell though. I much prefer the EverPure range's smell - rosemary & mint! :)

  2. Ahhh; that sounds amazing! I'll definitely be trying that next. Plus, at least we know the shampoos don't have sulfates.... xo


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