Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Old and New Advanced Night Repair Comparison

It lines the pages of magazines, appears in Editors's edits, and occurs as a celebrity favorite. Have you guessed yet? We're talking about Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair (now) Synchronized Recovery Complex II.
I was only on my first bottle of the original, multiple-decade-old serum when I heard news that a 'new and improved'--obviously making use of the a fortiori argument--formula was being chocked up. In honesty, I couldn't help but breath a sigh. How could my much beloved, skin changing serum be replaced?

And then, I saw Caroline Hiron's post--a common recurring initiation which spurs a new product love, or, more commonly, a skincare shopping revival. I knew that she wasn't a fan of the old Advanced Night Repair, so how ironic it was that she was writing about the new one.
In short, it was only good things. She raved about how she actually noticed a visible difference in her skin after using it--something that the old formula lacked. And then, I got excited....

As for the nitty gritty, the second complex uses new ChronoluxCB Technology. Whoa. As the Lauder site explains, cellular purification and synchronization is combined 'to help support skin's natural improvement from the look of damage from every major assault--UV light, smoke and pollution.'
Similarly, Estée Lauder conducted further research concerning the parallels between sleep and skin rejuvenation--proving that a 'lack of sleep can accelerate visible skin aging.'

So, the new Advanced Night Repair sounds too good to be true, non? Well, this is where I come in--guiding the line between marketing scams and reality.
One of the most obvious changes to the new complex is the packaging (a more contemporary aesthetic, for lack of a better description). As for the formula, here comes the good/bad. If you loved the old version, it's nearly a given that you'll adore this one just as much. I, for one, have noticed no changes in my skin between the old slap and the new. In fact, one definite pro is the aroma and texture. The new smell punches slightly more citrus and herbal notes, compared to the counterpart's more medicinal sniff. Also, the new one is much lighter in consistency and dries to a less tacky finish than the other.
Second, if you tried the old Advanced Night Repair and were left a little disappointed, it's worth trying it again, because you may be pleasantly surprised.

And now, a new serum is popping up in 'must have' lists around the globe. Now, when is 'III' coming out?


  1. I've just bought the original serum and can't wait to try it xx


  2. I had the original and didn't think much of it but now curiosity is getting the better of me!

  3. I never tried the old formula but I have the new one & LOVE it. I've been using it almost daily since the beginning of September and my skin has never looked as good in the morning. I wake up to smooth, calm and bright looking skin. So I will continue using this. Even though my bank balance may weep each time I have to repurchase.


  4. I think it's worth a try, but definitely buy from somewhere with a good return policy. xo

  5. I know how you feel; except my previous bottle lasted me s i x months! I know--amazing! xo

  6. Both versions sound amazing :)

  7. They are, although it seems to be that people think the newer version is a bit more effective. Have you tried either? xo

  8. Nooo :(
    But it is on my Christmas list :)

  9. Oooo. Good choice; I hope Santa Clause makes you very happy. xo


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