Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Facial Oil Diaries

Just like the chef mixes, stirs, and pours his latest discovery into dish after dish, how an avid reader plows through a book within a day's time, or how a beauty lover (that's us!) stalks the counter of her most recently lusted discovery, obsessions come and go. One day, health magazine editors will move on from the coconut oil craze--except I don't know if I ever will--and handpick another miracle worker to line their pages for the latest 'fat burner'. I will, one day, move away from my obsessions with oils.
This health enthusiast isn't talking about the ones that come laden in your McDonald's cheeseburger, but the holistic ones that can be used on hair, skin, nails, or body.

I've spoken about rose hip seed oil among these pages a few a plentiful amount of times before, but it wouldn't be a post about oils without it. Whether cold-pressed, bio regenerate, or whatever the marketing claim, the high dosage of fatty acids, according to Miranda Kerr *swoon*, makes you glow. Harvested from the seeds of rose bushes predominately grown in Chile, the compound structure is known to correct dark spots, hydrate skin, reduce inflammation, and add an antioxidant dose.
The Aura Cacia Rose hip Seed Oil is the one that's floating around my stash. I duty it for skincare usage only, but I'm sure the restrictions extend. Despite the funky scent, it's loaded with wonders. Acne fighters and scar copers, this is the oil for you.

One of my more recent purchases is the Josie Maran 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil. From the natural brand of, again, a model, the oil is, as the name suggests, one hundred percent pure. Advertised as a treatment for hair, skin, and nails, the oil packs the biggest front in the hydration category. As we move well into autumn and winter, I've been dosing up on this one, applying it l i b e r a l l y to my face, and sometimes mixed in with the rose hip counterpart. I've also experimented with it's nail and hair use, and can vouch for the stunning benefits of that, too. On the hair, it hydrates while imparting a glossy, not too oily, sheen and, on the nails, nourishes to keep cuticles in tip top condition. The only problem? I'm going through it so darn quickly.

I know the feeling (most recently provoked by an online New London order--I've got a small surprise in store), but which oil do you choose? Well, you can have...all of them, housed in a bottle labelled as the Caudalie Divine Oil. A dry oil laden with grape oil, argan oil, hibiscus oil, sesame oil, and topped off with a rose, grapefruit, pink pepper, cedar, vanilla, and musk scent, it defies the word luxe. Some honor it as yet another facial must-have, but I have yet to discover it on that front. Instead, I've been dowsing my limbs and d├ęcolletage in the stuff after a shower or bath. First, the golden packaging makes me feel hot, and, second, the spray application is a blemmin' genius addition. Likewise, it packs wonders on the hair and nails, too.

That's three, but with these small bottles and my heavy-handed application, I'll be featured on that lousy hoarders show as a stockist of oils. If there's one thing you do today, go oil me yourself up.


  1. I love oils and have recently been swapping them for my moisturiser as I am finding that the cold is taking its toll! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  2. I love oils too - hair, face body - I seem to have an oil for everything.
    I really love using the Caudalie one and use it on my legs mostly.

    The Clarins Lotus Facial Oil is one of my favourites - my skin soaks it in & it smells really luxurious too


  3. I love oils too. I can't believe I was so scared of using them for so long for fear that I'd get oiler skin.

  4. I've been so hesitant of using oils because it feels so counterintuitive but that Josie Maran one looks divine, especially as its "very" natural haha



  5. I love the Josie Maran Argon Oil too! I just wrote about my favorite oils the other day, what a coincidence!


  6. I think so too. xo

  7. Ha! Great minds think alike. I'll check it out! xo

  8. I know, but, in fact, they're one of the things that has helped my skin the most (especially concerning spots). xo

  9. I think we all go through that. I'm just glad that we can finally accept their loveliness. xo

  10. I've had my eye on the Lotus one for ages! xo

  11. That's what I do! xo


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