Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Origins No Puffery Eye Roll-On | Review

I'm not your typical teenage girl. Come ten o'clock, I've either crashed in the depths of my white-Anthropologie-clad bed or I'm close to it. I'm not a fan of sleepovers, and I normally wake up without a hitch come seven-thirty. Surprised? Don't be, but, despite the fact that my typical sleep cycle isn't exactly compatible with that of my comrades, I'm just as tired (if not more) than the rest of them. And the puffy-eyed troubles enter....
I've tried other depuffing options in the past--Lierac Diopti-Calm (not quite as effective as the claims) and Origins Ginzing (more makeup than skincare); so as soon as my most recent eye potion hit rock bottom, I was on the hunt for another option. After landing eyes on Into the Gloss' glowing review of the Clinique roll-on, I was pretty keen. Yet, Origins (debatably my favorite brand) launched a similar option, with minty packaging, and I was in 'can't decide' territory. I reverted to the 'swatch' test; side by side; testing the real cooling properties. Can you guess who won? Yup--the Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll-on (and it's arguably the best early-morning eye savior I've found).

An extension to Origins', already established, 'No Puffery' line, the cooling roll-on serves as an everyday option of their already popular No-Puffery Mask. With Yeast Extract to brighten and Hoelen Mushroom Extract to calm redness, and, not to mention, a metal applicator to get the real cooling properties going.
Now, onto the part you've all been waiting for...does it work? The answer is yes. Although lacking on the hydration front, as someone who doesn't struggle with flakey bits under my peepers, it's not a factor I really consider. As for the claims, it not only rids of signs of fatigue, but aids in a much more awake disposition as well.

Oh, Origins--you've stolen my heart again. Now, if only you could churn something out that helps me fit into the sleep cycle of my peers....


  1. This has been everywhere recently. It sounds like it would have been amazing during hat fever season too!

  2. I'm exactly the same! I much prefer early nights and waking early in the morning so I can make the most of my day. I am looking for a new eye product so I may have to give this a try! xx


  3. Origins are one of my go to skincare brands & I love most things they do. This eye roll on sounds like something I need in my life. Being well in to my 30's I need a little extra TLC in my under eye area & this sounds like the perfect product


  4. What is hay fever!?! Either way, give it a go. xo

  5. Yes; and tell me how you like it. xo

  6. Give it a try. If you couldn't tell, I love Origins two...we were meant to be twins. xo

  7. I really need to try origins! People have raved about their products to me for ages now I must get my hands on something!!



  8. *Gasp* you must! Although I commend you for not falling into the Origins-buying trap.... xo

  9. I'm really curious to try this! I always suffer of puffy eyes, and I totally hate it. I've already read some reviews about it, but now you're persuading me: I want it!


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