Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Favorites

Tomorrow marks the end of October; yet, luckily, it makes a graceful parting as it leads the holiday which imparts l o a d s of candy. If everything were that peachy, there would be no 'Breaking News' to interrupt the season finale of Lost; October has also dropped the thermometer to below freezing, where I live, at least, and has left me with no time to visit the pumpkin patch. In other words, this month has been a busy one. Without much time to dig into the depths of my stash, I've been left with a rather scarce 'October Favorites' titled page in my notebook; but as I round up the mere five products that have served me well throughout the month, I can't help but smile at their rather genius and amazing egos.

I've been mixing things up--slightly--on the skincare front with a few new replacements as I've said sayonara to some old favorites. To fill the sun-sized void of exfoliating toners in my stash, I picked up the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant. I'm obsessed with exfoliating toners and have made my way through numerous bottles of the stuff, but I've been using this one long enough to say that it's the favorite out of the ones I've tried. The texture is dreamy, being not too thin or thick and a little goes a long way. Also, the scent smells gorgeous--herbal, but not in a medicinal way.

As the leaves fall one by one, I can sense the ever-approaching winter season fast approaching--i.e. moisture dosage time. And I've been doing just that. I've been swapping out my previous scar-busting oil for a moisture packed alternative: the Josie Maran 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil. Why do I love it? It never fails to initiate a plump and nourished complexion come six-fifteen a.m. and it's unscented aroma means it doesn't smell funky (like others I've tried).
In the morning, I've been slapping on the Kiehl's Skin Rescuer Stress Minimizing Hydrator. Significantly, it's reduced a lot of the redness in my skin and never falls short of being an amazing morning moisturizer. It quickly sinks into the skin, leaves nearly a matte finish, yet leaves my skin with a not too dry-not too oily bit of nourishment.

On the makeup front, I've dug the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free out of my stash to cover my daily coverage needs. Although I used to find the formula lacking on my dehydrated skin, I now see that the stuff is blemmin' amazing. With a primer underneath, it lasts all. day. and supplies the perfect amount of coverage.
Similarly, when I first purchased the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil a while back, I wasn't wowed. I had never used a brow pencil before and was a little shocked at the too full-on look that it gave to my overage made-up face. Yet, after a good two months use, I can now say that, first, I look so much better with some added length to my brows and, second, a more defined arch. So, I've fallen head over heals for this waxy, wind up, triangular shaped pencil *cue heart-eyed emoji*.

So far, November is looking much more leisurely, but I still have no doubt that I won't continue to love these busy-bee used products. I know this post is coming at you a wee bit early, but I've got to get my Halloween costume sorted.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Haircare Styling Line-Up

Hair. Whether you swoon over a Parisian mop (i.e. me....), a volumized tress, or a sleek and straight style a few products can have us changing its appearance in a chameleon-esque fashion. Despite the normal shampoo and conditioner selection, the styling products are always more fun and can change our overnight mop from drab to fab in as little time as one, two, three.
You know that haircare, for me, is a rather recent endeavor; my past philosophy was dependent on good hair days--and if it wasn't, then it was thrown up in a pony. Now, I've marked the line through my haircare rotation and have assigned a product to each haircare mood.

Since we're quickly approaching into the winter season on this side of the hemisphere, I've been assigning my most moisture-dosing products for my skin, nails, and, of course, hair, as well. The Dove Nourishing Oil Care Detangler mixes a detangling shot, sheen, and massive softness. With a biphase solution resembling that of my most recent science lab and a smell that is sure to initiate a wondrous sniff of vanilla, it's one of the most seasonal-ready products in my stash.
For the confident ones who are satisfied with their own hair genes, the Living Proof Prime Style Extender is for you. Yes--it's a primer for your hair--with promises for moisture, oil and dirt repelling, and other numerable properties. Similarly, it initiates a 'you're hair, but better' stylée with an all-rounder concoction.

And this is the time when I talk about sea salt sprays (you didn't think I'd have a haircare post without them, did you?). My most recent purchase which has been incorporated into my styling line-up is the Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray. Most uniquely, this is different than other salty sprays I've tried. Most notably, it packs the biggest punch on the volume front and initiates a hint of wave, but with a shiny, healthy finish (and watch out for the review coming on Wednesday).
On the other hand, the Bumble and bumble Surf Spray continues to be my favorite haircare product of all time. I've spoken about it loads, but with a matte texture, gritty finish, and overall a m a z i n g outcome, I have no path to fault it.

Perhaps you're now wanting to wash your hair and have a haircare styling experiment. Hey, care to join me?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Old and New Advanced Night Repair Comparison

It lines the pages of magazines, appears in Editors's edits, and occurs as a celebrity favorite. Have you guessed yet? We're talking about Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair (now) Synchronized Recovery Complex II.
I was only on my first bottle of the original, multiple-decade-old serum when I heard news that a 'new and improved'--obviously making use of the a fortiori argument--formula was being chocked up. In honesty, I couldn't help but breath a sigh. How could my much beloved, skin changing serum be replaced?

And then, I saw Caroline Hiron's post--a common recurring initiation which spurs a new product love, or, more commonly, a skincare shopping revival. I knew that she wasn't a fan of the old Advanced Night Repair, so how ironic it was that she was writing about the new one.
In short, it was only good things. She raved about how she actually noticed a visible difference in her skin after using it--something that the old formula lacked. And then, I got excited....

As for the nitty gritty, the second complex uses new ChronoluxCB Technology. Whoa. As the Lauder site explains, cellular purification and synchronization is combined 'to help support skin's natural improvement from the look of damage from every major assault--UV light, smoke and pollution.'
Similarly, Estée Lauder conducted further research concerning the parallels between sleep and skin rejuvenation--proving that a 'lack of sleep can accelerate visible skin aging.'

So, the new Advanced Night Repair sounds too good to be true, non? Well, this is where I come in--guiding the line between marketing scams and reality.
One of the most obvious changes to the new complex is the packaging (a more contemporary aesthetic, for lack of a better description). As for the formula, here comes the good/bad. If you loved the old version, it's nearly a given that you'll adore this one just as much. I, for one, have noticed no changes in my skin between the old slap and the new. In fact, one definite pro is the aroma and texture. The new smell punches slightly more citrus and herbal notes, compared to the counterpart's more medicinal sniff. Also, the new one is much lighter in consistency and dries to a less tacky finish than the other.
Second, if you tried the old Advanced Night Repair and were left a little disappointed, it's worth trying it again, because you may be pleasantly surprised.

And now, a new serum is popping up in 'must have' lists around the globe. Now, when is 'III' coming out?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Bumble and bumble Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner | Review

As we speak, the temperature were I live has dropped to a cool, crisp, and shocking forty seven degrees. Bikinis, sun cream, and mojitos? Those are long gone--and one would also think that the Bumble and bumble Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner would be out with the rest of them. Yet, it's not and still maintains a firm spot in my shower.

You all know that I constantly muse upon the Surf Spray counterpart and the fact that the Bumble and bumble release of the corresponding Surf conditioner and shampoo had me a little weak at the knees. Somehow, I was constrained and only parted Sephora (quelle surprise) with the conditioner, but my hair still continues to appear like a beach goddess.
The hair styling punch isn't as great as that of the spray, but there is still some noticeable surf sequels. A quarter-sized amount run through the ends adds a bit more texture and definition to my otherwise limp and stick straight hair. Sometimes, I'm even lucky enough to have a little wave come morning, but that's more in a 'good hair day' occurrence.

On the hydration front, it's bit of a mixed bag. Despite having hair that isn't particularly parched, it is damaged (from all those darn ballet buns) and, sometimes, the conditioner just doesn't inch close enough to my daily hair hydration needs. I can get away with it, but my hair just looks a bit light years better with a little extra dose of hydration.

So, despite the fact that summer is long gone, I'm still reaching for the Surf options--did you think I'd ever stop? Well, I'll keep you posted if it comes to a halt.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil | Review

Oh, brows. Some, like mine, resemble a caterpillar-esque growth exuding above my eye socket. Others deal with a single straight line that just n e v e r grows in. Debatably being the most high maintenance area on our bodies, we pluck, tweeze, wax, and shave (precariously) to keep them in tip top shape.
If you're anything like me, the common mishap is a rare frequent occurrence--a little too pluck happy, a fed up razor grab and slip, or that hole that just won't fill in.

On the whole, I can't complain about my brows too much. Despite lacking in the length department, they maintain a pretty satisfactory appearance on the whole. Nevertheless, a sweep of pencil here and there maintains a tip-top shape appearance.
And this is where I mention the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Dark Brunette. The double ended sword contains a spoolie on one end and a triangular shaped, quite thick, pencil on the other--encased in some serious luxe packaging, might I add.

Because of the triangular shape, the pencil allows for a quick draw with the skinny side to add some length, or a few marks with the thicker side to add some fullness. As for the texture, the waxy pencil mends a brow gel like fashion with a tint, meaning that your brows will have some staying power (as in all. day), but with a natural, non-crunchy feel. Then, consider how this same texture transfers to the application. Not too soft, and not too hard, it means that, first, you won't end up with brows up to your temples, but, second, won't have to exert a body builder-esque force just to get some brows on.
Stating the obvious here, but there are three ladies who initiated an Hourglass brow purchase: Anna, Kate, and Estée (quelle surprise). Coincidental, in fact, that all of the aforementioned ladies raved about the same thing when it came to this pencil: the color match. Despite all having completely different hair colors (and mine varying from the rest, as well), despite the shade we all picked up, the color match was spot on. Seeing as I usually have to add a few lonely strokes (as in not enclosed by my usual brow hairs) on the ends, meaning that the color is slightly very visible, it still manages to look like real hair, all down to that ridiculously amazing color match.

So maybe you're a tadpole brow gal, a yarn's thickness, or a bushy betty. Whatever you are, you could use some filling in, but now you know where to look....

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Facial Oil Diaries

Just like the chef mixes, stirs, and pours his latest discovery into dish after dish, how an avid reader plows through a book within a day's time, or how a beauty lover (that's us!) stalks the counter of her most recently lusted discovery, obsessions come and go. One day, health magazine editors will move on from the coconut oil craze--except I don't know if I ever will--and handpick another miracle worker to line their pages for the latest 'fat burner'. I will, one day, move away from my obsessions with oils.
This health enthusiast isn't talking about the ones that come laden in your McDonald's cheeseburger, but the holistic ones that can be used on hair, skin, nails, or body.

I've spoken about rose hip seed oil among these pages a few a plentiful amount of times before, but it wouldn't be a post about oils without it. Whether cold-pressed, bio regenerate, or whatever the marketing claim, the high dosage of fatty acids, according to Miranda Kerr *swoon*, makes you glow. Harvested from the seeds of rose bushes predominately grown in Chile, the compound structure is known to correct dark spots, hydrate skin, reduce inflammation, and add an antioxidant dose.
The Aura Cacia Rose hip Seed Oil is the one that's floating around my stash. I duty it for skincare usage only, but I'm sure the restrictions extend. Despite the funky scent, it's loaded with wonders. Acne fighters and scar copers, this is the oil for you.

One of my more recent purchases is the Josie Maran 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil. From the natural brand of, again, a model, the oil is, as the name suggests, one hundred percent pure. Advertised as a treatment for hair, skin, and nails, the oil packs the biggest front in the hydration category. As we move well into autumn and winter, I've been dosing up on this one, applying it l i b e r a l l y to my face, and sometimes mixed in with the rose hip counterpart. I've also experimented with it's nail and hair use, and can vouch for the stunning benefits of that, too. On the hair, it hydrates while imparting a glossy, not too oily, sheen and, on the nails, nourishes to keep cuticles in tip top condition. The only problem? I'm going through it so darn quickly.

I know the feeling (most recently provoked by an online New London order--I've got a small surprise in store), but which oil do you choose? Well, you can have...all of them, housed in a bottle labelled as the Caudalie Divine Oil. A dry oil laden with grape oil, argan oil, hibiscus oil, sesame oil, and topped off with a rose, grapefruit, pink pepper, cedar, vanilla, and musk scent, it defies the word luxe. Some honor it as yet another facial must-have, but I have yet to discover it on that front. Instead, I've been dowsing my limbs and décolletage in the stuff after a shower or bath. First, the golden packaging makes me feel hot, and, second, the spray application is a blemmin' genius addition. Likewise, it packs wonders on the hair and nails, too.

That's three, but with these small bottles and my heavy-handed application, I'll be featured on that lousy hoarders show as a stockist of oils. If there's one thing you do today, go oil me yourself up.

Friday, October 18, 2013

This Week's Most Loved Trio | Cinq

Don't worry; you're seeing things clearly. I'm delivering my trio of l o v e l y products two days early--for reasons that you will see on Sunday. Nevertheless, I've combined my most loved from the past week two weeks into this post, so you're still getting the best of the best of what I've been grabbing.

Things have been pretty heavy on the makeup front lately, mostly because I indulged in a bit too much dairy. That aside, I've also been grabbing some old favorites--first, the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free. Seeing as my skin has changed pretty drastically since it's original purchase, I can now slap it on without too much fuss. I still like to layer on a primer underneath (and the Smashbox one still reigns supreme in my stash), but I certainly don't find it as pore-settling or oily-appearing come three o'clock. A pea sized blob on the back of my hand, blended in with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, and then layered with a bit of Ambient Lighting Powder keeps me looking fab all. day. Wait; I've already mentioned three products....
Blush wise, I haven't stopped reaching for the Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera. Firstly, it looks so darn natural, and, secondly, its heart attack inducing each time I look at it. Peachy pink perfection in a compact with a cream formula delivers a natural flush without a too over-the-top red tint. Add a slightly dewy finish and you've got me hands down obsessed.

If you haven't been able to tell by the lack of skincare posts drifting though these pages, I've gotten my routine down to a tee (minus the dairy incident; are you interested in a post?). Regardless, I've been slightly ridiculously facial oil obsessed and have been stalking every brand/formula under the sun. As per my recent Sephora delivery debrief, the Josie Maran 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil now rightfully has a place on my vanity. Although it's popularly famed as a multi-purpose wonder, I haven't been able to stop piling it on as an evening moisture dose.

So that's three products down. Next time I promise to keep it to j u s t three.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beauty Empties | Deux

One, two, three.... It's been a few t w o months since my last debrief of the empty beauty containers sitting in my bathroom; hoarder alert. Abeit, explaining the elephant in the photo--I've used up loads of beauty products (and have even included more than one makeup product) *gasp*.

Skincare is usually my most-used category considering I don't often deviate from my favorites and continue to slap on the same stuff morning and night. First, it's never a Parisian To Be empties post with a used-up bottle of the REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. And, you guessed it; I've already repurchased. There also remains a bottle of the La Roche-Posay Rosaliac Moisturizer by its side, aimed at redness prone skin that needs a bit of hydration. Despite the green tint, I found the thin cream to do nothing for my Rudolph-esque cheeks, nose appearance and not quite fabulous on the hydrating front either. On the other hand, the Yu Be Moisturizing Skin Creme has been sorting out my dry lips and rough patches...for the short moments it lasted. No, it's not a necessary product and you'll survive without it (surprising), but it was lovely nonetheless and if I've ever got a few spare pennies hanging around, I know where I'll put them. Equally as miniature was a sample of the Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil. I try not to include packet-sized samples in these pre-shopping confessions, but I wanted to tell you that, first, I adored the stuff, and, second, it's already been added to my Christmas wishlist--because I'm basically five.

Unfortunately, I've come to the end of the most expensive skincare items in my stash; serums. First of all, I'd recommend to save your pennies on the Origins Mega Bright Serum. The consistency was nice, its morning application was equally as dreamy, but it wasn't good enough to recieve the Lillian stamp of approval nor effective enough to be worth the doe. On the contrary, if you've been considering purchasing the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, then your time has expired and you must do so immediately. In addressing a number of possible hesitiations, don't fear the price (because mine effectively lasted six months) or the fact that it may not fit with your skin type. Not only does it only fix any skin woe under the sun, but it has recently been reformulated (and a post penning the souped up version is on its way).
Another slightly reformulated potion (actually repackaged) is the Lierac Diotpi Calm Anti-Fatigue Eye Balm and Mask. To be blunt, I didn't quite sort through the pros of this stuff and couldn't quite pinpoint the benefits either. Similarly, my much past beloved Clarisonic has seen more adored days. In an experimental mood, I picked the thing up only to realize that, first, it was out of battery (I hate it when that happens) and, second, that the brush really needed a replacement. Although I no longer have to cringe as I buff my face, I still don't quite use my new Clarisonic Normal Brush Head as much as the adverts initiate--which is a scam anyway.

On a more positive note, I've used up a bottle of the Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap (pictured is Lavender) which, let's be honest, is seriously magical stuff. As a body wash, hand soap, sink cleaner (hey--it works), and brush cleanser, I've already purchased a second bottle of the desert island staple.
Makeup-wise, I've used up two mascaras. The waterproof baby is the L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara. In short, it's not the most water resistant option I've tried and a seriously light hand is always needed. For the non-waterproof counterpart, I've finally said sayonara to the Lancome Hypnose Mascara. Although they have a million corresponding counterparts to the rest of the Hypnose line now, I'm still head over heels for the original--but not for the price. Considering the wallet and taking into account my lash appearance, I believe that I much prefer my Maybelline alternative.

Pat yourself on the back if you've managed to read this whole thing. I promise next time I'll complete a more condensed version. I guess the trash hiding was just really well hid.

Monday, October 14, 2013

MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer | Review

Just over a year when I was in the midst of makeup-discovery-mode, a friend's recommendation of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer had me sprinting to Sephora faster than you could say that brand name. At the time, I fell ridiculously hard for the hype on pretty much everything spotted in Estée's videos and blog or on Anna's Instagram page. Now that that I've curated my own makeup tastes, most of those things have been passed to the mom or to my fellow-beauty-loving mate. Surprise, surprise, this concealer is one of the only things that continues to maintain a loving spot in my stash.

As per the title, this stuff is s e r i o u s l y full coverage. Only a tiny drop (less than pea-sized) is all you need to cover a face-worth of imperfections from redness, spots, scars, and under-eye bags.
The less than fluid texture has pros and cons. The pros? Some seriously good coverage (can I say it again?) and a good pinpoint concealer medium for some à la Lisa Eldridge technique. The cons? It's not quite the best formula for some general here-and-there covering and, if you're a heavy handed gal, things could get a little cakey looking, albeit a little practice and it won't stop you from slapping on the stuff daily.

An honorable claim goes to the waterproof title. A waterproof concealer? *Pinches arm* I can vouch for a check on this front due to the fact that swimming has become a regular occurence weekly, and, despite the fact that my skin has gone through some rough patches lately, it's an action that I have n o control over. Nevertheless, an application of this concealer in the mornings keep my skin looking more perfected--even when I resemble a wet dog.

As it turns out, I wasn't as much of a makeup newbie as I thought. But which is better; having on horrible concealer or wanting three really nice ones? I hate the beauty blogger buying bug....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Lazy Sunday Slap

Sundays are for two things: rocking your pajamas until wayyyy past noon and a massive breakfast. Whether you're a 'play the plans by ear' kind of gal or roll out of bed more hungry that bridezilla, chances are that you're going to need a quick slap of products to look perky and fresh in no time.

Tip one--search for multitasking products, i.e. Origins Vitazing Moisturizer. It's not my first pick of choice for a ridiculously effective dose, but, on lazy days or times when you've hit the snooze button a few to many times, it comes in handy. Think an 'I've been sunbathing in the Amalfi Coast' glow--not orange, not too brown, and a good amount of healthy sheen. For concealer, I clicked on the L'oreal Lumi Magique Concealer to minimize bags (because you know I have them...) and to sheer out redness without a too done-up look.

Now that your complexion is sorted, it's time for the make-a-difference trio. *Enter brows, lips, and lashes* Since I've got a more than bushy set of arches framing my face, they take a bit of sorting out. The Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil has become one of my daily must have products. Natural looking? Check. Wicked staying power, a swift application, and a not-too-soft formula? Check, check, check. Because my face never looks complete without a swipe few coats of mascara, Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof is next on my list. Just like the brow counterpart, it enhances your natural lengths, but with a hint more volume and oomph, but continues to initiate a 'you're eyelashes are so naturally long' comment. Score! Assuming that I have yet to devour a plateful of pancakes and a whole carafe of coffee (yup, all by myself), I'd rather wait until a f t e r the feast to brush mes dents. It may just be me, but toothpaste make my lips dryer than the Sahara Desert and if there's no brush and minty concoction involved, then there's no lip balm either. But I can still look pretty. Since a massive dose of nourishment is yet to be needed, a slick of the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer is all that's done.

Now, I can reasonable mutter a 'ready in five' statement without breaking the promise. Ughh--but I r e a l l y want some pancakes. Or do I choose waffles? Happy Sunday....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

An Ode to the REN Clay Cleanser

Through four bottles of the stuff, I've established two things. Firstly, REN crafts wicked alliterations. And, secondly, I blemmin' adore the REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. I penned my first review of it back in March, but with some $$$ going to REN and a few empty bottles in the bin, it was time for an update.
If you know anything about my skin and its combination, acne prone, yet dehydrated nature, then you might know that it's a bit of a puzzle.
REN's cleanser is primarily aimed at acne prone skins. With antibacterial properties to combat existing breakouts while preventing future ones, as well, as a salicilin addition for light exfoliation, pore minimization, and some antimicrobial comportment, as well, it sounds pretty dreamy for anyone with a less than perfect complexion.
As for the nitty gritty, some ingredients include Chamomile Flower Water, Mayblossom, French Clay, Zinc Gluconate, Sesame Seed Oil, and a few others. Whatever is in here must be great for acneic skins.

Now, it's the time where I reveal why this cleanser really does magic for my skin. Normally, anything labelled for spotty skin would leave my complexion appearing more dried than clear. But, the clay base means that my skin is left balanced, nourished, clean, less red, and more calmed.
As I've mentioned a few times before, the application for this one is a bit different than your regular apply, sud, and go cleanser. Instead, I apply half a pump to the whole of my dry face, and leave it as you would a typical clay mask.
It depends on how long I leave it to do it's job. Sometimes, it's just a few minutes (while I pick up a few the heap of clothes coating my bedroom floor) or sometimes, it can be for ten minutes if my skin is really acting up. If I have, in fact, gone a longer period of time to let it sit, some of the cleanser will sink into the skin, but there's no need to be alarmed. With wet hands, massage into the skin to resort it back to it's wet nature, then rinse and wipe off with a muslin.

So, if you suffer from the 'visible from the moon' spots, redness, or a slumped complexion, look no further than this cleanser. Is it drying? Nope--so it's suitable for any skin type. If the two 'Parisian To Be' ode's isn't enough for you to try it, then I'll spill that it has a 4.3 out of 5 star Sephora rating. If that still doesn't do it, just look at all the bottles I have gone through.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream | Review

My face-base mantra could quickly be inferred with a peek into my makeup drawer. A--I adore the stuff, and have the equivalent number of bottles to that of the number of peanut butter jars I go through in six months (a lot). B--my rule of thumb? Keep it sheer, minimal, light, and dewy. In other words, I've got tinted moisturizers, balms, BB creams, and, n o w a CC cream, coming out of my ears. I know what you're thinking--seems a bit excessive. But through my picky eyes, they all differ and offer up a veil of their own.

Like I said, I'm covered (for the next few years) on the tinted moisturizer front and have fallen in love with a killer BB cream. But I've since discovered a CC cream that establishes a new category in my stash. Say hello to the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream--the only base slap that has graced the complexion of your's truly for over a month now.
To clear up the air about this elementary school-esque makeup nomenclature, the whole CC acronym stands for 'color correcting'--a desirable title for a gal who suffers from the dreaded acne and sun damage scarring.
Clinique's offering claims to instantly correct redness, dullness, sallowness, and aid in a healthier looking complexion with the addition of oil-free hydration and sunscreen.
One of the most outstanding features? A shade range. Yup, snow queen complexion rockers can now slap on these wonder creams just like the rest of us--no shade mishaps included.

In the shade 'Very Light', a pea sized drop covers the whole of my face, blended with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush.
Fitting with the rest of my base stocks, this is a light coverage cream. Nevertheless, the most shockingly, it manages to supply more coverage on the spots, scars, and general blah more than the rest of my face when a heavier loads isn't needed. Secondly, I can't quite vouch for a yellow-ed complexion lacking some warmth or any other woe, but when it comes to redness, I'm your experimentation guinea pig. Oh--and it covers redness too.

The consistency is really thick, more so than any BB, or tinted moisturizer I've tried, and eeks out more coverage than the rest too. The finish isn't quite matte, but leans a bit more on the dewy side without looking too radiant. The lasting power is pretty darn good as well, reaching the eight hour mark with just a little bit of touch up spots here and there, but with a primer, it'll easily last you over nine hours.
That being said, I wouldn't score this based on its hydrating properties, as it tends to look a little cakey if my skin is über dehydrated, but a normal complexion means this looks pretty darn fab.

Eight shades, a do-it-all formulation, a flawless finish. Are you sold yet? Don't worry, you could always fit another light-coverage foundation in if I can.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

This Week's Most Loved Trio | Quatre

Another week, and a n o t h e r  'most loved trio'. Perhaps you'll be happy to know that I've deviating from some favorites and cracking into the depths of the beauty world. Luckily, the result is far from that of the arcade claw machines (where you continue dolling money while the rigged machines deliver no teddy bear; been there, done that) and have, actually, discovered some pretty fabulous beauty bumph.

First, the Kiehl's Skin Rescuer--a moisturizer that aims to reduce stress imparting signs which, then, can wreck havock on skin. I know what you're thinking...'no more Origins Vitazing?' Well, not quite. In fact, since my morning serum ran out, I'm far too cost-concious to delve for another and I wasn't too keen on how makeup-y Vitazing felt. In contrast, the Kiehl's option has been adding some morning hydration...and then some. I can't quite vouch for other stress relieving qualities, but I have noticed that my Rudolph-esque cheeks have normalized quite a bit, and the quick absorbing formulation means I can move onto makeup more quickly.

Makeup-wise, I've deviated from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. Shock horror--just in time for Halloween. Nevertheless, I continue to adore the stuff (and am sporting pen on my laptop), but I've realized the differences between it and the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder. Yes, they're both awesome, and never fail to break the bank. In contrast, the By Terry delivers a less luminous, more natural, dare I say, matte complexion and smooths over the skin more than any other powder I've tried. Since my skin has been in less-than-favorable conditions as of late, my under-the-skin bumps have been concealed by this guy, but in a non-cakey manner.

Lastly, besides my Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm, I've been slicking on the Blistex Lip Medex. During one--of my many--rushed mornings, I slipped this on and rushed out the door, only to be greeted by my mom initiating a 'you're lips look so good!' comment. What?!?--my reaction exactly. Albeit, the cheap and cheerful, menthol balm reveals a glossy sheen, massive dose of hydration, and a kick-a$$ tingle to add a hint of rosy red. It's not nearly as thick as the Nuxe counterpart, but I've been loving it and have ditched the glass pot for a tingly double (but chances are I'll be dishing how 'you need both' sooner rather than later).

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Favorite Mascara Title

Despite that of my monthly beauty round-up, I don't often designate 'favorite' titles to products. It's not that I'm not good to you, but, in fact, I've been saving, resonating, and pondering product after product for my 'best of 2013' soirée of a post. To say that I'm excited would be an understatement, as I've been counting down all three hundred and sixty five days since New Years, but it's not December and I'm not prepped for the obligations if asserted love just yet.
Albeit, I've found a mascara that has taken my heart, but it took three tubes to do it. Enter, Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara--one of the first mascaras I ever purchased, but ended with a lash-coating flit.

I've tried the volumizing ones, the lengthening, the waterproof, and the false lash-ies, but nothing beats this babe. As a fair warning, my mascara stylée follows that of the rest of my philosophy--minimal. You won't catch any jumbo, defined, or clumped lashes here, but, instead, a subtle counterpart.
Now, onto why I love the stuff so darn much. Yup--it's volumizing, but also adds a touch of length without inducing a eyebrow-touching situation (although that wouldn't be half bad). Similarly, the waterproof formula not only holds freshly curled, 'Shu-Uemura'ed' lashes, but also enhances and brings forth your natural curves and curls, as well.

Lastly, as the title suggests, you'll be left with 'full' and 'soft' lashes, with a waterproof stamp. *Wipes brow* You know how I don't like obligations, but this one is real. Alas, Lillian is announcing one of her favorites of all time. Now when did I plan the 'best of 2013' post....

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Origins No Puffery Eye Roll-On | Review

I'm not your typical teenage girl. Come ten o'clock, I've either crashed in the depths of my white-Anthropologie-clad bed or I'm close to it. I'm not a fan of sleepovers, and I normally wake up without a hitch come seven-thirty. Surprised? Don't be, but, despite the fact that my typical sleep cycle isn't exactly compatible with that of my comrades, I'm just as tired (if not more) than the rest of them. And the puffy-eyed troubles enter....
I've tried other depuffing options in the past--Lierac Diopti-Calm (not quite as effective as the claims) and Origins Ginzing (more makeup than skincare); so as soon as my most recent eye potion hit rock bottom, I was on the hunt for another option. After landing eyes on Into the Gloss' glowing review of the Clinique roll-on, I was pretty keen. Yet, Origins (debatably my favorite brand) launched a similar option, with minty packaging, and I was in 'can't decide' territory. I reverted to the 'swatch' test; side by side; testing the real cooling properties. Can you guess who won? Yup--the Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll-on (and it's arguably the best early-morning eye savior I've found).

An extension to Origins', already established, 'No Puffery' line, the cooling roll-on serves as an everyday option of their already popular No-Puffery Mask. With Yeast Extract to brighten and Hoelen Mushroom Extract to calm redness, and, not to mention, a metal applicator to get the real cooling properties going.
Now, onto the part you've all been waiting for...does it work? The answer is yes. Although lacking on the hydration front, as someone who doesn't struggle with flakey bits under my peepers, it's not a factor I really consider. As for the claims, it not only rids of signs of fatigue, but aids in a much more awake disposition as well.

Oh, Origins--you've stolen my heart again. Now, if only you could churn something out that helps me fit into the sleep cycle of my peers....
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