Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Skincare Tag

Oh, the beauty blogger tags; when blogger's alike join together answering the same darn questions. I've had minor (minor) experience once before with the liking, but I'm willing to take my first stab, on--quelle surprise--the topic of skincare.

Describe your routine in five words.
As I humbly wanted to utter 'I've got too much stuff sitting in my skincare drawer,' that's no ode (not to mention, doesn't fit into the 'under five words' guidelines. So instead, I've gone with:
intimate, clean, exfoliate, treat, and nourish.
The whole 'intimate' claim doesn't have to do with dowsing yourself in oils in your lingerie, but, instead, with the personal aspects to mending your routine to fit your needs. Second, 'clean'--the obvious choice which urges you to double cleanse up. 'Exfoliate' means slap on an exfoliating toner, 'treat' to deep-cleanse (and to not splash out on Clean & Clear products), and 'nourish' to add some moisture and care.

What's your skin type?
Combination, but dehydrated, acne prone, scarred, and slightly sensitive. I know--what a puzzle.

What is your favorite skincare product?
Phew--what a toughie. If I were to follow the guidelines say 'product,' it would have to be the Aesop Parsley Seed Deep Cleansing Mask. Although the title urges a 'nothing special' notion and evokes a 'what the heck is parsley seed' comment, it's the only clay mask that gets my skin out of trouble.

Top blemish zapper.
T minus a year, I would have said the Origins Super Spot Remover, but I like to say that I've moved onto more sophisticated things i.e. the better. Currently, it's the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion because it manages to keep my cystic beasts from rising to the surface every time and, also, mends the regular pimples more quickly. Secondly, because of my dehydrated ranking, if more spots begin to pop up, I know that I need to dose in the moisture.

Face wipes--yay or nay.
Unless you want to ruin your skin, nay. Call me a copy-cat, but this is the moment when I turn your nagging questions to Caroline Hirons, because I'm her skincare follower.

Toner--yay or nay.
Most definitely yay, because an exfoliating option manages to keep my skin in check. Currently, the REN Clarifying Toning Lotion is my recent stash staple, and, applied morning and night, it exfoliates and unclogs the nasties *enter pretty mind picture*.

High-end skincare or high-end makeup?
When in doubt, splash on skincare. Why? Slap on the full-coverage foundations and cakey powders as you wish, but if you don't have nice skin, then your makeup isn't going to look as nice as it could. Second, from personal experience, high-end skincare is far more effective and the drugstore offerings are very minimal. No--I'm not saying buy the $200 'must have' cream, but with a little ingredient know-how, you'll have nice skin no matter your budget.

What is the most universal skincare product you've tried?
The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask. Whether you're suffering with an oil-slick situation or a desert-dry complexion, this stuff will sort you out and leave you with a glowing dermis.

You're in a pharmacy and can only pick up one item--what would is it?
Assuming that this is a French pharmacy (you didn't think it would be anything else, would you?), I'd snatch La Roche-Posay Serozinc--because I'm lusting hard for it at the moment.

Top skincare tips.
Taking into account that I'm not a skincare expert (and that this post is getting rather long), I'll keep it snappy.
Don't buy anything containing mineral oil (paraffin liquidium).
Apply some sort of face mask twice a week (one mid-week and one on the weekend).
Whatever your skin type, don't fear facial oils.
Double cleanse.
Always apply moisturizer.

If I may say so myself, I'd say that this was a pretty large stab. Tell me how I did, will ya? And how's that for a skincare rambling?
And thanks to the lovely Daphne for tagging me, and, in turn, I tag jennypurr (because she's got some wicked skincare advice), Annabel, Bonjour Luce, and Ella.


  1. N'aww thanks for the tag and mention you big cutie. Loved having a read of this, our skin types are literally the same! You've also reminded me that I need to repurchase the aesop mask! xxxxx

  2. I really need to buy the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion, heard so much about it! I bought the Origins spot remover and was abit disappointed with it, the Liz Earle one, which they've now stopped making, is so much better :) xx

  3. totally agree, nice skin can beat expensive makeup any day! I have been using the origins drink up mask recently and been mostly loving it! xx


  4. Aww love this post. And it's very rare to hear of someone with the same skin type as me.
    I definitely agree with your "intimate" comment. It's so important to remember that your skincare should be what suits YOU and just because it's someone else's hero product shouldn't make it yours. :) though because you have similar complicated skin to me, I do take your recommendations on board more than most.

  5. I love the origins drink up mask! I use it on myself and by boyfriend every week, I have super oily skin and he has incredibly dry dehydrated skin and its perfect for the both of us.


  6. Great tag - I love skincare & have become addicted to products my bank account can't handle.
    There are so many products from la roche posay & I adore the Origins Mask. Smells so damn good


  7. I'm definitely going to do this! x

  8. I really want that Origins face mask so bad but it is quite expensive and my student balance can't afford it

  9. The skin type similarity is good to know for future reference; now let me put your entire blog on my wishlist. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and definitely repurchase the Aesop mask. That's some serious good stuff. xo

  10. Then, definitely give the Mario Badescu one a go, especially if you've got cystic spots. I've heard the Malin + Goetz Acne Treatment is amaze-balls, as well. xo

  11. Used it last night. Wicked stuff! xo

  12. You're a wise girl *kiss kiss*. xo

  13. You're boyfriend TOO?!? Ha! Care if I steal him.... xo

  14. Ha! You better, babe. Can't wait! xo

  15. Been there, done that. xo

  16. *Grabs planner* I'll start counting down the days now. xo

  17. Perhaps begin the saving now. Best of luck! xo

  18. Yes! It only took me 2 years to convince him his skin isn't supposed to be bone dry, now he can't stop using my moisturizers!

  19. I am such a skincare addict so LOVED reading this post! I've just followed your blog xx


  20. Awww; you're lovely, already! Enjoy! xo


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