Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beauty Reading Material

As part of the beauty blogging community, the breakdown of my day includes reading beauty blogs with coffee in hand, reading beauty blogs on the subway, reading beauty blogs complimented by afternoon tea, and a dose of beauty reading before bed. Yep - you could say it's an obsession. Well, I'm here to share the love and dish on some ridiculously awesome, online beauty reads and general chit chat hosted by Lillian of Parisian To Be. Grab the cup carafe of coffee...because it's Sunday.

When Maddy asked me about a month ago if I could contribute to her online magazine project, my first reaction was texting my beauty-shizz-loving-friend the news, which, then, resulted in an obviously quickly written reply of 'your famous' (verbatim)....oh - and I said yes. Well, I'm here to shout that DYLAN Magazine has been published - and, cheers, to Maddy and her sister, because its amazingly well-done. Check me out in the beauty section!

As for new additions to the beauty reading line up, Elle's new blog, Dreaming in Blush, is a mere concoction of a UK-esque read featuring mostly high end love affairs, skincare obsessions, and products that I don't have to ship from around the world. In laymens's terms, it's fab. Similarly, the story of Sophie's blog, THE PRIVATE LIFE OF A GIRL, is a plain ol' love affair. Chic taste, ridiculously simple yet stunning photography, and a writing style that seems nonchalant, yet beautiful, there's no wrong among her site full of rights...and a site that evoked far too many wishlist additions.

As for general ol' chitchat, I've been pushed around by the hype and purchased a pot of Coconut Oil a few days ago among my other purchases of Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, Ezekiel bread, and strawberries...they're breakfast necessities. As for the coconut oil, I'm not sure I understand the heist. As a cleanser/makeup remover, it's far too pore clogging for my skin and it doesn't melt eye makeup as easily as I would have thought. So, I'm confused. Im far too fearful to try it as a moisturizer, so keep that in mind as you spill other suggestions in the comments below.

Now, I present to you the war paint beautes that have rocked my visage chaque jour - the Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Cream in Rose Gold (note: it's particularly stunning with NARS Laguna...swoon). Yes, I know it's discontinued, and I'm deeply sorry for those who can't get a grip on it, but take it as a reminder to dig it out of your stocks. Added to the wishlist and an opening for recommendations is a missing slot in my skincare routine. In other words, I'm in dire need for suggest-y comments for a morning cleanser and makeup remover in one. I've had my eye on the Origins Cleansing Oil, but, for those of you who have tried it, how is it? I digress....

You're at the dregs of your carafe? Well, that's no surprise. I hope you enjoyed story time and now have a pass time for the rest of the day. Enjoy in air conditioning, if I may say so myself...


  1. This is a lovely post! I love finding new blogs!
    Nature With Nurture

  2. Got all these open in different tabs, going to spend the next few hours looking at them all! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

    1. Sounds good! I've already spent probably four hours reading through your magazine over and over again - AMAZING job!

  3. I can't use coconut oil on my face either! But it is amazzzing as a leave in hair conditioner (only use a teny tiny amount!!) or as a nourishing hair treatment slathered on pre-shower (with 2 rounds of shampooing needed). Also, if I have time to shower in the morning, I love to put it in my hair and the wrap it into a bun before bed and sleep on it. The chemical structure of coconut oil is small enough to penetrate the hair follicle and actually repair from the inside out as opposed to just coating the outside layer.

    1. Wow - thanks! I know what I'll be doing tonight!

  4. Origins Cleasning Oil is not worth any hype.
    Cousin tried it and broke out badly.
    Velia | Cocoamourr

    1. Aww - that's horrible! I decided to just stick with my trusting Cetaphil and Bioderma combo.

  5. I love Sophie from The Private Life of a Girl!
    I've heard a bit about the Clinique Cleansing Balm recently and I've heard that it's a great cleanser and makeup remover so perhaps you could look into that one. :)

    Celina | The Celution

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