Monday, July 8, 2013

Aesop Parsley Seed Deep Cleansing Mask | Review

Although the world of pampering is rather new to me, I'd say that the statement only applies to my 'grown up' self. As a young un' I hosted my fair share of pedicure nights, nail painting seshes, face mask applications, and full on makeovers. Before you get any crazy ideas about how I might have lives in a castle while the maids pimped out slumber parties straight out of 'The Princess Diaries 2', I'll clarify. In other words, my nail salon job only included two customers - my mom and dad - and stopped when I got tired of wasting a whole tube of lotion on my dad's cracked, dry feet...yuck. Similarly, the nail painting outcome was far less than visually pleasing, my face mask stocks stashed 99 cent green veils (probably full of alcohol), and my makeup stocks were otherwise known as the equipped train case full of no-name-brand makeup - courtesy of grandma.

So, now you understand. It's been rather recent that I've rid of the play toys and replaced them with the grownup essentials. Now, I've extended my Sunday night bedtime to sort a full-on pamper session...recently including, the staple, Aesop Parsley Seed Deep Cleansing Facial Mask.
The clay based mask (that just happens to be quite pricy) has become a twice weekly staple in the skincare/pamper department. I've mentioned my love of the heavy duty, Origins Clear Improvements Mask before, so the need of two clay based masks seems unnecessary. Of course, being the beauty junkie and high maintenance gal that I am, I've concluded that they are far different.

Earlier this week, my skin was looking a little rough around the edges. Red here, and spotty there, I dug into my skincare stash (otherwise known as 'cost center') and applied, then rinsed twenty minutes later. Unlike the typical green or black clay mask, this one comes out of the tube a slightly orangy, taupe color and looks nearly undetectable on the skin when wet (otherwise, stating, that I can avoid glaring looks from friends and family...). When dried, a white veil appears, complimented by patches, holes where the liquid has gotten deep into pores and other high tech business. Surprisingly, post removal, my skin didnt feel tight or dehydrated - a usual side effect of pore clearing business. Nevertheless, the real magic appeared the following morning - the little spots were gone, redness cleared, and an immaculate complexion imparted...score!

As for the nitty gritty, the solution contains aloe leaf juice, lavender oil, evening primrose, and, as per the name, parsley seed oil. I don't know what it is exactly, but all I know is that my skin eats this stuff up, sans excessive moisture dosage post application. Although it's pricey, the tube will last foreva' and the results are simply irresistible. And, it's light years more appealing than the 99 cent counterparts...


  1. I want to get this SO BAD!
    Lol, but I am saving up for this Canon..
    God damn it. Lol.

    1. Save for the canon. It's far better value for money and will last you ages. Good luck!

  2. This sounds really lovely, especially that it's not super drying, definitely going on my wish list! I had a little sample of an Aesop scrub and it was so lovely, definitely want to try some more from the range.

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. Yes - I know the feeling. I may have to make a pit stop in one of their stores.

  3. I've been trying to find this but I haven't had much luck yet. It sounds wonderful and perfect for my skin type.

    Celina | The Celution


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