Monday, June 17, 2013

Following Parisian To Be

Attention! Attention! We will be interrupting our normal beauty musings and gibberish with a public service announcement. Being the avid blog reader that I am, my past time was spent checking my favorite blogs every five minutes in hopes of a new post. Ridiculous, right? Soon enough, I quit cold turkey and gave the job to my personal assistant - Bloglovin. Now, the constant checking results in a prime spot in my 'most viewed' page and a few too many 'refresh' clicks. It's far more constrained.

Those of you who are following this blog via Google Reader, listen up - Bloglovin wants YOU to create an account. Well, not really, but Google Reader is going through a few changes and, from personal experience, Bloglovin is much more reader friendly.

 If you want to continue receiving notifications on new posts, you must follow me on Bloglovin or follow via email (a tool appearing in the right side bar). Of course, you could turn to the whole five minute check thing, but, as a wiser being on the matter, I don't recommend.

As a regular ol' joe, I love Bloglovin. All my beauty reading and musings all in one place - clean freak heaven. So, if you want to keep receiving notifications about this blog, follow up. And now, we shall return to the regular programming.


  1. Absolutely loving your blog! Hope you don't mind, I've chosen you for my blogger of the week, there's a post on my blog about it if you want to swing by :) xxx


    1. This is such a lovely comment! You just made my day! I just read your post and all I can say is thank you! It's people like you that make me love blogging. xoxoxox

  2. Love your blog, already following you over there! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. I've been following you on Bloglovin' for a couple of days now and I'm glad I am!
    Won't be missing any posts from you! xx


  4. I followed you via bloglovin long time ago! :)


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