Monday, May 6, 2013

Origins Clear Improvements Mask | Review

I. Love. Face masks. I try to keep my daily skincare routines as quick and simple as possible, but on the weekends or halfway during the week, my skin is in need of a good detox. How ironic it may be that I only own two face masks (a review of the other will be up tomorrow), but in my beauty mental little head, there are too many on the wishlist that I wouldn't even know which one to spend my grubby little money on first. What I like to consider the monster, basic, worth-spending-your-money-on face mask, the Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask gets slapped on every time.

Detoxifying? Check! Refreshing? Oh yessss... When I take it off, my skin has never felt so refreshed. It does a fantastic job of drawing out those nasties and bringing the little bumps and lumps to the surface to make way for the spot remover gel. Furthermore, it's fantastic for acne prone skin, let alone all skin types. Just be sure that if you're dry or dehydrated to slap on some extra moisture afterwards. 

Movie ready propaganda of the cracking, black, surfaces tends to fit the description. Sensitive gals, don't worry, as it won't make you're skin nearly that red. Just some good skin clearing powers. If you only buy one detox mask (round of applause for being constrained. You go, girl!) then this should be it. When you're skin isn't too bad, it works. When you've got some volcanic action going on, it works. No matter what, you gotta get it.

How many more hours until it can be explainable to slap on the evening skincare?


  1. I like this mask as well! It's really quite effective and I don't find it too harsh.


  2. I love this, I've almost finished my bottle. It makes my skin feel clean but not tight. Agree with you on the mask-loving :) xx


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