Saturday, May 11, 2013

NARS Laguna Bronzer | Review

I'm a very picky beauty buyer. Now, don't tell the cashiers, but sometimes I will use a product for a few weeks, realize I don't like it, and return it. In lame-man's terms, I'm a receipt hoarder. When I find a beauty product that doesn't have me running to the till for a second time, it means one thing: I've hit the jackpot (except I won't be getting back my dished out cash...oh well).

NARS Laguna Bronzer - the cult, gotta' have product that everyone seems to love. Its promises of a subtle bronze with a hint of shmexy sheen had me ooing. At first swatch in the store, I was a bit skeptical. Pure glitter? Not what I was looking for. Nevertheless, a little brush appication from the sales assistant and a 'yes' from a tag-along friend and here I am.
Does it live up to the promises? A subtle sheen, a hint of bronze, natural, and perfect with a light hand...I guess you could say yes. As of late, it's been my all in one bronzy-cheek color-contour, making it, yet another, ├╝ber simple makeup essential. Me like.

As for the rest of the jib jab: the lasting powder is okay (standard for a cheek product if you asked me), it's buttery soft, but not too pigemented to make you go 'whoa'. I think it's a great product. Finally, a subtle bronze for us pale faced gals. That reminds me, where's my receipt, I think I have a Sephora trip to tend to (on another matter of course).


  1. Your blog deserves a lot of followers.
    I just found your blog due to polyvore.
    I love it!


    1. So lovely of you to say! I'm glad you enjoy it. Spread the word and maybe you and I's wish will come true ;) Thanks for the comment! xoxo Love always, Lillian


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