Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lierac Diopti Calm Anti-Fatique Eye Balm | Review

There are those things you don't need, and, most of the time, those things include six blushes (I counted). On the other hand, there are those sorts of things that you really can't live without. When my old Origins Ginzing eye cream ran out and I didn't have the cash to replace it, it wasn't long until I stole one from my mom's stash. Then again, my virtual 'pay day' *read: does dishes and vacuums floors* came around, the Lierac Diopti Calm Anti-Fatigue Eye Balm and Mask was at the top of my list.

A gel consistency, the eye cream packs a subtle punch in the moisture category while still staying incredibly light on the skin. It may not be superwoman for those with incredibly dry eyes, but for de-puffing, it reigns supreme. I'm not sure how it does it: it's not incredibly cooling, but I guess that 'anti-fatigue' title really works out. Although the tube looks quite pretty, I think that functionality is a bit lacking. With the product always overflowing out of the tube, it seems a bit wasteful. Nevertheless, it's what's inside that counts. For those looking for a good, no fuss, de-puffing eye cream, you like. For those looking to banish dark circles, anti-age, and get rid of that 'I stayed up too late feeling', you may want to keep on the search. As for now, I like what I've got. I'll just turn to the concealer for the bags...

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