Monday, April 22, 2013

Hydrating Heros

The number one rule for a healthier lifestyle? Drink more water. I'm no nutritionist, and I've got the proof. Time and time again, I'll fall a bit short of my daily aqua intake, and my skin knows it. Whether you're dry, dehydrated, or oily, there is always a hydrating hero in place for you...even when you have sucked down a bit too much water.

A recent purchase, the Boot's Botanics Facial Oil is the budget pick out of the bunch. Now that I've used it a few times, the general consensus is that if you're acne prone, steer clear. I'd say it's a better pick for more dryer skins. It's not a pure, no frills oil by any means, but if you have nice skin (darn you) and are looking for a good beginner oil, I'd say pick this one up.

For more traditional moisture know it alls, the Origins Night-A-Mins Oil Free is a good pick. A night time (duh) moisturizer that imparts moisture with a light exfoliation. If you're oily skinned, this pick is for you, as it's more of a gel texture. Even for my combination skin, I don't find it gives me enough moisture, but it is really lovely, nonetheless.

Beauty bloggers alike all know the Caudalie Beauty Elixir like the back of our hand, but a more hydrating, less astringenty, version in the Caudalie Grape Water. Just imparting pure moisture, this is good for a spritz after toner as an extra hydrating step or as a makeup setting spray to get rid of any powdery finish. 

I love a good face mask and (oh boy) do I love Origins. The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is perhaps one of my favorite picks out of the bunch. Any skin type - you need this, and it's something I've become quite reliant on. I use a bit over Night-A-Mins as an everyday moisturizer and by itself as an intense treatment, especially after a detox mask. You're never going to go over board, as your skin 'drinks up' exactly what it needs. And now to sleep with an apricot scented visage...

The tubes nearly done and I will definitely be picking up another bottle of the Origins Vitazing Moisturizer. Moisture, SPF, a nice scent, all with a bit of tint... It's the perfect day moisturizer and a 'no makeup makeup' sort of staple.

Skincare sorted, now if only I could drink more water without having to go to the bathroom so often...

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