Saturday, April 6, 2013

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum | Review

It seems to be universal that all us beauty nuts are on the hunt for the perfect product, shade, texture, and what not that fits our taste. It drives our enthusiasm and leads us to spend perhaps a few too many big bucks on things we may end up using for only a month. The beauty world is ever changing. On the other hand, there are those products that have been classics for ages - Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair being one of them.

Nearly no one is really happy with their skin. For me, the skin that drives me though my skincare quest is a combination, dehydrated, acne prone semblance. I've read about this serum in magazines, on blogs, and through other beauty propaganda. It wasn't until I waddled my way to a counter, requested a sample, cleansed, toned, and applied my beauty booty that I was able to realize that this stuff was good...really, really good.

When the alarm beeped and I marched my way to the bathroom mirror the following morning, the results were impecable. All of my active spots had nearly gone, my skin was much less red, my skin tone was much more even, and the majority of the scarring on my skin was gone. A wonder product? I think so. Remarkably, what turned out to be an 'acne control' product for me also left my skin hydrated and plump. 

Most may think that Advanced Night Repair would be for more 'mature' skins, yet, without releasing my identity, I love it and I'm still a woman in the making. In the end, I think everyone should have this serum - dehydrated, acne prone, dry, oily, mature, you name it. It is expensive, but it's so so worth it. You're not going to get anything like it anywhere else...because it's patented (in the words of the sales guy). Just go get a sample. You'll see. And don't tell me I didn't tell you.

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  1. I'm checking my mail every hour waiting for mine too arrive. After reading your post I'm now checking every 15 minutes. The excitement is killing me!!


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