Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Favorites

As soon as the calendars turn towards the end of the month, it's favorites time - a round up of all the products that you've been loving that month. This time around, despite the panic realizing that I've been a bit lazy when it's come to makeup this month, I've still managed to obtain a few kick-butt products...all in the name of a blog post.

Despite the vehement amount of 'no makeup' sort of days going on here at chez moi, you know I've been slapping on the skincare. 'No makeup' day heaven, wrapped in a tube - Origins Vitazing. It's appeared in far too many blog posts and favorites, but I just love it too darn much. Moisture, a pleasant scent, an amp of glow, and a bit of a tint. Achieves that 'put together' look when you're lazy as heck and looks just as fab with a bit of concealer over the top.

My night time skincare routine has had a bit of a kick, not to mention now turns out to take about half an hour. My skin seems to be liking the changes, though, and extra time put into it (unfortunately), and has especially been loving the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. Think of the perfect serum to tackle all your skin condition woes and you've got it right. For me, it means a serum which tackles spot prone, combination, dehydrated, scarred skin. Does it do it well? Oh yes.

On top, I've injected some extra glow factor with a mineral enriched moisturizer. Sounds fancy, eh? It smells fantastique and does the job quite well - Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins Oil Free. I find the gel texture of the oil-free a tad to drying for my combo skin, but I top off the top with a bit of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask and it's perfect.

Once seen in my March favorites, the Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap is making another appearance  I've recently picked up the lavender scented one. A bit in the tub, as a sudsy shower gel, you get the jist. You dream it, it does it. I especially like using this as a hand soap, as it's quite moisturizing and smells divine (are you seeing a trend).

Alas, onto the makeup bits, or the lack thereof - Natural lashes is the name of the game, but ever since I've discovered the Shu Uemura's things have turned to natural, with a bit of curl. For the most curl holding power, the L'oreal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara is like super glue hold, without the fret and clumps. Adds a bit of volume, a load of length, and a load of curl holding power. A okay.

When I've been able to force myself to reach for an actual base, it's been the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint. It's just simple. No worrying about that shiny little visage, looks really skin like, and doesn't gather or go patchy on the skin, it's a no brainer that looks more than natural on the skin. Think the 'no makeup' day look, but, in fact, you're hiding a bit under there...yet nobody knows.

Quick, simple, and skincare heavy. Let the list making for May begin!

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