Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Spot of Shopping

If you read enough blogs and watch enough YouTube videos like me, you probably know that it's hard to constrain oneself, or shall I say wallet. Nevertheless, I've been quite constrained with my buying habits recently, so last weekend, I trotted out for a bit of spot shopping with gift cards in tow. Grab a cup of tea, because you know me and my rambly self...

I wasn't only drawn to this creamy cheek color because it is a peachy-pink (predictable), but I don't have any other cream blushes in my stash. I figured it was about time I experimented, and what better product to do so with than the Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera. Creamy and easy to blend, it leaves a subtle sheen to the cheeks, making it über pretty for a dewy makeup lover like myself. Did I mention it's one of the prettiest peachy-pinks...

As much as I love the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, my skin is still recovering a bit from the winter weather, so it can look a bit cakey on my skin sometimes, as my skin is still a bit dry. I picked up the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Oil Free, which seemed to be perfectly aimed at my skin type. A bit of oil control, while still aimed at dehydrated skin, it seemed to fit the bill rather perfectly. I also think it's genius that Laura Mercier has this mini tubes, as it's the perfect size for trying something out for only about $19.50.

Not only was there a gap in my stash when it came to cream blushers, but there was also a hole in the bronzer category. There were a few that had my fancy, but, at the end of the day, I went for the blogger, much hyped about favorite...NARS Laguna Bronzer. Not a hint of orangy-ness, just pure bronze, I can now see why people say it's as good as it is.

I've currently got the Makeup-Forever Full Cover Concealer on the go, but, sometimes, it's so thick, it ends up looking really cakey on my skin. The Origins Plantscription Concealer is a bit more moisturizing since it's aimed at more dare I say the word 'mature' skins, and it works lovely both on spots, general areas of redness and under the eyes. Cutting down on my morning makeup application and my cake face self consciousness. 

My current eye cream has hit the dust and I wanted to try something new. I picked up the Lierac DioptiCalm Anti Fatigue Eye Balm and Mask, mostly because it's a French pharmacy favorite, but also because skincare goddess, Caroline Hirons, recommended it for tired, puffy eyes. Dare I say what mine look like in the mornings.

The new packaging, shopping bags, and receipts galore, all make some new things ever bit more appealing  In reins this month's beauty purchases. The 'one in-one out' policy will have to be stemmed at the moment...or for a bit longer, perhaps.

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