Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Pamper

It's Easter. Some reserve it as a time to be with family while others reserve it as a chocolate, candy eating massacre. Although I'm not quite sure which one this Easter ended up being, I do know that no matter how old my brother and I may get, there's still immense joy in waking up and seeing plastic eggs lined down the stairs. After the eggs have been found and a huge dent has been made in the Cadbury chocolate, I'll sneak off for a dip in the tub - most likely while my mom cleans up the remnants of the ham and my brother and dad watch Top Gear...standard.

Normally I opt for more relaxing bath time treats, but this time I'll turn to the more 'fruity' side. As soon as the warm water starts flowing out of the faucet, I'll add a capful or two of the Fresh Sugar Body Oil and a few drops of Aura Cacia Lemongrass Essential Oil. Lemony, yet not too sweet, this oily duo does wonders for moisturizing skin while also smelling like you're floating in a spa.

Along with my oils, there's nothing I like more then getting some good grit going in the bath. The Soap & Glory Flake Away scrub is gentle enough to not irritate the skin, while still being gritty enough to slough off a weeks worth of stress. To make sure my bod is getting über clean, a bit of the Korres Shower Gel in Guava on a loofah makes sure everything is left clean, but not stripped. Not to mention it is incredibly foaming, rich, and adds a bit of guava-ness. A towel dry off, and you better guess which moisturizer I'm going for. I'll down myself in the Fresh Sugar Body Oil again, throw on the pyjamas and off to bed.

Fruity scents are no longer reserved for adolescent shampoos or girly cocktails. With the help of the numba's above, a lemony drift-like soak on a rainy night is in store...chic.

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