Wednesday, March 13, 2013

REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser | Review

You've heard the skincare stories, some turning out more like nightmares than anything else. Once upon a time, my skincare wardrobe consisted of Clean & Clear acne products and the adjectives to describe my skin would be anything but clean or clear. First Origins and then a few following purchases and now those stripping acne products have gone in the trash and I'm left with skin that is left  seriously clean and clear...ironic.

The cleanser that really turned my skin around is this - the REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. A lot of "c's"and I'm not quite sure what the "3" is for, but for those with acne prone skin, look no further.

Near everyone's familiar with the standard clay mask, yet no one may guess that you could get that in a cleanser. The consistency - like clay (no way *sarcastically*), a bit weird and strange compared to other cleansers. Regardless, it works...like a dream. I had a sample of this and used for a week straight. As soon as I ran out, the spots started popping back up and there I ran to the  nearest store to pick myself up the full sized tube. 

I've got a bit of combo skin goin' on up in here, so the idea of an "acne" cleanser sounds a bit...umm, terrifying! A little later, after a good use, I was was pleasantly surprised. Not stripped, not dry, in fact, quite nourished. It's a win win!

As for application, I use it two ways. The first - layer a bit all over the visage, let sit for a 5'er or so and then massage with warm water and rinse. For the latter approach, I'll do the same layer and wait routine and then follow up with my Clarisonic. It's doesn't froth or foam at all, but I personally don't mind, especially considering all the other good stuff it's got going for it.

REN as a skin care brand has left me starry eyed *insert heart eyed emoji here*. I fancy a few more bits, but I think I'm covered on the skincare front for now.

In conclusion (wow! I successfully turned this into an essay!), if you've got acne prone skin, I highly highly recommend this cleanser....you know what, just go buy it right now. If you're a bit combo and just tend to get a few spots here and there every once it a while, I still think you should have it, just to use around any time of the month when you need a little bit more breakout fighting goodness...perfection.

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