Monday, March 25, 2013

Dr. Jart Waterfuse BB | Review

At the end of each week, there is a new visible dent in the tube. I figured it was about time I wrote a review on the Dr. Jart Waterfuse BB. 

I've had a few small dabbles with BB's in the past- the Boscia one which left me a little too red faced, the Dr. Jart Premium BB which was nice, but I felt it was a bit too heavy for my skin, and the Smashbox one offered a bit too much coverage. The winner of the past line up? Definitely the Dr. J one (by a barge poll!), yet the sample size was soon to hit the dust.

When I spotted that Dr. Jart had a BB for more oily skin gals, out I whipped my wallet, but it had the help of a Sephora gift card and free shipping.

The round up on the application left all the tick boxes checked. A nice combination of dewy and matte? Check! Natural looking coverage? Check! You get the gist, but I'll continue. All the redness in my chipmunk-y cheeks was covered, but in the most natural way possible. It covers most of my spots and all of my scars. It doesn't feel too heavy and never goes cakey on the skin. It's easy to blend. Controls my 'shiny' face, matches my skin quite well (and I'm quite fair)...is just good all around.

The one thing I would say is slightly lacking is the lasting power. By the time I take a peek in the mirror for the first time since application when 3 o'clock rolls around, I find that the redness is starting to glow through again and I'm not looking as 'fresh' as I would hope, but for all the other things that it's got going for it, it's a gorgeous product.

Lasting power aside, it's been awesome enough that I have only reached for my trusty Laura Mercier about three times this month. That concluded, it's passed the everyday base test, as well as the weekend product must have.

I've got to force myself to put this down, but how could you when it's as easy as one two three...especially when you're a bit blurry eyed in the AM, which is pretty much me everyday. Oily skin gals who need a bit of a tint, Dr. J has got yo' back!

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