Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Peachy Pink Edit

Someone needs to hold the gun and tell this girl *points finger at me* to step away from anything with an essence of peach, and of course, pink. C'mon! I have been obsessed with this color lately (and when I mean obsessed, I mean obsessed)...

Starting off with cheeks (are you surprised) - my new favorite at the moment (P.S. check out my latest haul here), Laura Mercier Peach Whisper. The perfect not too warm, not too cool color that has been gracing my cheeks rightfully so for the past week or so. Second, NARS Deep Throat blusher. Without going into the perhaps uncomfortable name that NARS has got going on here (you know it's bad when your 10 year old cousin picks this up and says she "loves the color of Deep Throat"...huhumm), this blush really is a beaute. Adding a fresh and effervescent (???) touch of shimmery, natural color to the cheeks - NARS, keep it up with colors, but you're names still need some work. As for highlighter (you gotta' love some shimmer on the cheeks), these two are all I really reach for. Benefit Girl Meets Pearl wins for impecable blend-ability  smoothness, and the perfect "je ne sais pas" addition to moi visage. If I fancy something a bit more stark and extra glowy, with a bit of a bronzy twist, I reach for Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow in Rose Gold. ROSE GOLD! Could you really say no?

Onto lips - most of the days, I can't be bothered with lip products. On the bright side, these are pretty much the only two that I reach for in my collection. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter in Rose Shimmer - the quitescential mix of subtle, non sticky goodness. Throw in a caramel scent, and I have to apprehend myself from buying the other two shades. Lastly, Revlon's Charm...peach. y. perfection - and that's all I'm going to say.

What are your favorite peachy-pink loves? I fancy a few more...until I read the beginning of this again...

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