Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kevyn Aucoin Scuplting Powder | Review

"Sculpting Powder?"...eh, more like cheek bones in a compact. More often than not, my football of a face needs a bit of sculpting, and, in simplicity, help. Without pulling the bronzer card resulting in an orange, oompa loompa like look, a reach for the Kevyn Aucoin Scupting Powder makes faking cheekbones effortless.

Being the case that it's me writing the review, of course the word "subtle" is going to show up somewhere, so I might as well go ahead and say it. This stuff is gorgeous and adds natural and subtle definition. I think it has something to do with the texture - not too soft, not too chalky...just perfect (for a lack of a better word.)

Texture aside, what about this color?! Supposedly a combination of reds, plums, greens, blues, and greys to create the perfect shadowed look....I don't know about all those colors, but what I do know is that this stuff actually looks like a shadow...just see for yourself below.

Ahhh...cheekbones in a compact. I think I've got a new name going on here. I was going to feature this in my February favorites, but I figured I already kind of had "enough" going in there, so check that out tomorrow for the crème de la crème of this months beauty stash.

How does this relate to my everyday makeup - this if I want a bit more of a sculpted look with some added definition and chic-ness. Bronzer if I'm needing a bit more warmth, but I've got to be careful, so not to much sculpting going on with that. Overall, if you like cheekbones, you gotta' pick this up.

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