Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bioderma Créaline H20 | THE Cult Product

If you've been reading the blog a lot recently, you'll know that my wallet and my click worthy little fingers have caught the Bioderma bug and it now has a prime place in my skincare drawer. 

A cult beauty favorite, Bioderma is  what is called a "micellaire water." If you're just an ordinary gal like moi, then you may take a moment to scratch your head. In lame man's terms, a micellaire water is a water that holds oil and is effective in cleansing and removing makeup without that oily feel.

I use Bioderma in the evenings to remove my makeup and SPF and give my skin a little "pre-cleanse," if you will. It removes face makeup like a dream, but the eye makeup does take a little more work - especially the waterproof mascara. Normally, gently moving back and forth over my eyelashes does the trick of getting the majority of it off. Then, I just hold the cotton pad over the eye for a few seconds and off the rest of it comes.

If you can read French, then you can go ahead and just take a look at the back of the bottle below, but from what I can understand, it just says that Bioderma is the creator (pretty dramatic...) of micellaire solutions and it cleanses skin without soap...yah dah yah dah.

One of the most notable things about Bioderma, in my opinion is this - my skin is really prone to redness, so I often have to be careful about the products which I am putting on my skin, 
Bioderma being one of them. When it comes to be that time of the night when I open up the drawer, take out a cotton pad, and swipe this over my face - no new redness is introduced and it works like a charm.

Bioderma is really hard to get a anywhere but France. Yet, if you're in the mood for some cult, French, chic, non-oily, makeup removing goodness, you can get this on Ebay, but I have also seen it on Amazon. The Ebay seller I used is here, but if you're a bit wary, Amazon is always a great choice.

What is your opinion on Bioderma? Are there any other micellaire waters I should try?

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