Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beauty Products Not Worth the Hype

Although I do consider myself to be a rather optimistic person, I felt a bit obligated to do a post like this - a beauty products not worth the hype post that is. Although you may walk (or shall I say, click) away thinking I'm a bit of a debbie downer, hopefully this will be helpful and save you a few pounds, dollars, euros, etc.

After rummaging around both my drawer and my mom's makeup bag (aka reject central), I've been able to just round up a few products to make this post "post-worthy."

Stila Lip Glazes
I got a pack of these a really long time ago around Christmas time and have had them sitting around ever since. I find them to be incredibly sticky and give that kind of "jam on toast" look to your lips...not too flattering nor chic. My love obsession with the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer definitely over rules this by a god send.

Revlon Lip Butters
Now, I must say - I am extremely disapointed in myself for this one. It seems like everyone loves the Revlon Lip Butters...everyone except for me. Without getting into my loner like qualities, I found that these are not really moisturizing at all, the shade range leaves an empty whole, and the packaging (of course I had to mention it) just isn't too chic. I have the shades Berry Smoothie and Pink Truffle and I rarely ever use them. Perhaps another month and then they may make a trip to "reject central.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
First up, I'm a bit of an eye shadow/product noob. I never wear it and all my eye products make up a very, very small part of my makeup stash. With my eye disclaimer out of the way, these Color Tattoos are really hard to work with. They're really hard in the pot, not very blend-able  quite sticky, and quite glittery. Not too fancy...

L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara
I'm going to keep this one short and sweet - can someone say clump-y?

First of all, the price of this sponge is around $25! You can buy the whole set of Real Techniques brushes for less than that and get four! I found that applying my base with this is a bit tedious and I much prefer using either the Real Techniques stippling or buffing brush.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
I bet if you looked up people's top MAC products, I guarantee you this would be in it. It's not that I do't like it (which isn't too surprising, but lets not revisit my loner qualities), but I just don't think it's that good. The texture is quite chalky and hard. It's not too pigmented, and I just find it really hard to work with. I did a review of this here, explaining the more positive side of things, but I much prefer my other highlighters.

Aveeno Postively Radiant Moisturizer
I never really get on with drugstore moisturizers, and this one pretty much follows the rest of the bread crumbs. It smells terrible (like sunscreen) and really iritated my skin and made it quite red. It is pretty greasy and I much, much MUCH prefer my Origins VitaZing (although it's about three times the price...)

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre
This is kind of a makeup artist, cult favorite. The primer, moisturizer in one - yet it contains mineral oil. MINERAL OIL! Not too good for oily, acne prone skin...nor any skin for that matter. I can't believe this gets so much hype.

Phew! I need to go eat some chocolate or exercise now to get some positive endorphines going. Watch out on the blog, for my next post will be a beauty products WORTH  the hype.


  1. ahhh omg i love so many of these products haha! loreal voluminous is one of my favorite mascaras ever but it definitely can get clumpy haha. and as for the lip butters, i have sort of a love/hate relationship..i love the colors i have but they definitely don't do anything in terms of moisturizing! such a shame x


    1. Haha....oh, hun - I guess it shows how different opinions are.

  2. I don`t know why I thought that the Beauty Blender was more expensive..haha..Great post, although I love the Lip Butters..


    1. So many people love them, so I'm not sure why I don't. Perhaps I need to get a few new shades. Thanks for commenting! xx


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