Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pour Le Moment | Body Bits

Mr. Weather up in the sky has had a hard time making up his mind recently. Last week, it rained nearly everyday, yesterday you would have thought it was spring, and today, it's cold again. That being said, these three body bits have kept my skin hydrating and soft no matter what the weather.

In the shower - the Soap & Glory Clean on Me shower gel. My suggestion - defnitely use this with a loofa. I have never seen something lather like that in my life! The matching scent of the Flake Away Scrub, and I'm all decked out in a scent as chic as Audry Hepburn herself! 

For lasting hydration, a generous amount of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. It smells like cookies and makes my skin ridiculously soft...to the point where I get comments about it all the time!

There you have it! Body bits I'm using at the moment. What kind of body things are you using?

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