Saturday, January 5, 2013

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish | Soft and Gentle

Let's be honest, I rarely ever wear eyeshadow, foundation just isn't that exciting, and I usually get stuck in a rut with all of my lip products. That being said, cheek products are definitely my favorite. Blushes, highlighters...more blushes and highlighters...

I was more than ecstatic when I found this in my Christmas stocking this year. And now, here I am with a review.

The MAC website describes this as a "gilded peach bronze." Sounds right up my alley. I'd say there is a little pink action in there as well. This highlighter seems to be everyones favorite. Oh boy, is she a beaute!

If you are a natural makeup person, you'll loovee this! It is really, truely natural. Meaning, when I first got this, I was (more than likely) prone to go (a tad) over board. It's the kind of thing that doesn't really make a big difference when you put it on, but once you go out (which I seem less than likely to do these days. Oh well!), it catches the light so beautifully!

As for the texture, it isn't too soft or pigmented...but that's kind of what I like. It makes it quite effortless and you don't have to think when you apply it.

On top is a pretty heavy swatch and on bottom, a blended out swatch. Even on the cheeks it doesn't even look as dramatic as it does when blended out. This is just such a versatile product - it goes with any eye, any cheek, any lip, it's gorgeous as an eyeshadow, highlight, brow highlight...

In my opinion,  this is the perfect staple to any collection! What's your opinion on Soft and Gentle? Any other MAC MSF's I should try?

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