Friday, December 7, 2012

Stila's Kitten | My New Favorite Eye Shadow

The cult favorite. Everyone has Stila's Kitten. 

Like I mentioned in my haul post, when I say this in a blog sale it just had to be mine.
 I was a bit skeptical of it at first, for I am more into matte or satin shadows, not something with obvious shimmer. 

As you can see, it is quite shimmery. 
That being said, for some (strange, strange) reason, I love it! 
It just looks pretty, especially when you use more of a amber, pinky shade in the crease.

Second, I never, ever wear eyeshadow, let alone the same one for more than a day. 
I have worn this eyeshadow every single darn day for the past five. Five!

Another reason why I put off getting this for so long was because I thought it was going to be similar to theBalm's Mary Loumanizer, which I got in my Birchbox.
 In the pan, they do look quite similar, and they are, but they are just not quite the same.

On top is theBalm's Mary Loumanizer and on the bottom is Stila's Kitten.
As you can see they are similar. 
Mary Loumanizer is more on the yellow, orange (gold, if you will) side of things.
Stila's Kitten is definitely more pinky, peach, but definitely more leaning on the pink side. 
If I were to compare this to something like MAC's All that Glitters, I would say it is very different.
I found that All that Glitters just looks weird on me. It is just too warm toned and too orange. Kitten is just the perfect balance.

Do you have Stila's Kitten? What eyeshadows do you like wearing with it? I really am starting to get into pink eyeshadows. I think it just looks so effortless and pretty.

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