Saturday, November 24, 2012

Uh Oh | Rose Obsessed

I used to hate *repeat* hate rose scented things. Don't say I'm crazy, but now, I just can't get enough! Here are my favorite rose products.

The Body Shop's Moroccan Rose Body Mist
This scent was introduced to me by Elizabeth over at Wunderkind and the minute I smelled it, I just couldn't get enough. I spray this on my clothes, hair, body, room, pretty much everywhere and probably more than I should. It is rosy, but it has a little bit of a musky undertone so it's not too girly.

Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter
Smells like roses, looks really pretty, is really moisturizing, could you ask for anything more?

L'Occitaine Desert Rose Hand Cream
I'm rationing off every last bit of this, for it was limited edition, but it smells like roses and is super moisturizing.

Melvita Rose Water MistI like using this as a setting spray or as a mid-day refresher. I really want to try more Melvita stuff, but I have to get my skin under control first.

LUSH Turkish Delight Body Smoothie
Moisturizing (let's not even go into the smell). Besides telling you that I really really want to buy the full size of this, I'm saving the sample container so I can open it and just smell it all the time. What else are you supposed to do with this?

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector
I'm sure you guys are all probably desperately sick of hearing me talk about this, but the color is called rose shimmer (and I may or may not have just wanted to take a picture of the packaging again.

what are your favorite rose products?

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