Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nuxe de *Amazing* Miel Lip Balm

Now, spending $20 0n a lip balm is not something I take lightly, but luckilyI had racked up a couple Birchbox points, so I got his for barely anything.

This lip balm may be THE best one I've tried and *trust me* when I say that I have tried A LOT! It is incredibly hydrating, it feels so nice on the lips, and it's luxuriously thick.

The smell may be the only thing that really bothers me. It is quite orange-almond, but it does smell expensive...which it SHOULD!

First, you actually have to dig into the pot to get some out - not just daintily run your finger over the top. When you put it on, it has little sand-like pieces in it which melt into your lips as you rub it in - maybe it's supposed to be exfoliating as well.

It stays on for quite a long time, about an hour for me if you're talking "I can still feel it on my lips when I rub it together", then an hour. Yet, it keeps them hydrated for much, much, much (did I say much?) longer.
Perhaps time will tell - this may be my new holy grail lip balm. Try it out for yourself here!

What are some of your favorite lip balms? Have you tried this one?

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