Saturday, November 24, 2012

Long Overdue | Stila in the Know Palette

Yes, the title pretty much explains it all...this is long loung (that was my attempt at some cool accent), overdue. I guess it's fair to say my laziness got the best of me (or if my mom is reading this...my homework). I got this all the way back in August - August!! Yet, here she blows - strong like a bull.

Top Row (left to right):
air, wind, desert, clay, earth

Bottom Row (left to right):
driftwood, fire, rain, smoke, ebony

earth, clay, desert, wind, air

ebony, smoke, rain, fire, driftwood

Now, let me note some of my favorites, shall I...

Earth and Ebony
I have been using these mixed together on an angled brush to use as eyeliner and, so far, I have been really liking the way it looks! Earth alone is a bit too light. Ebony on it's own is a bit too dark. And the perfect color is born!

This is probably my most used color in the palette. It is gorgeous in the crease for a little bit of definition, or pretty lightly dusted over the lid for a smoky eye. I'm not sure if they sell this shadow individually, but if they do...just guess what I'm going to say.

Overall, this palette *hands down* contains my most used eyeshadows. Do you have this palette? What are some of your favorite colors? Are there any other Stila shadows I should check out?

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